Hold Breath to Contemplate Tam Coc in Harvest Season

Tam Coc is a beautiful destination in the north of Vietnam belonging to Ninh Binh province. Coming to Tam Coc you will be overwhelmed by the stunning sceneries of majestic mountains, vast river and especially blooming with ripe yellow rice fields in the period from May to June.

Tam Coc means “Three Caves” including Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave, which were created by Ngo Dong river crossing through the rock mountains. The fantastic landscapes of limestone mountains, caves and water have made Tam Co to know popularly as Halong bay on land. Particularly Tam Coc becomes more charming in the rice season when the immense fields start to change from green color to yellow color. 

Tam Coc and picturesque caves:

Ca cave is 127km long running throughout the large mountain with the 20m wide door. Far away 1km from Ca cave, you will see Hai cave with 60km long and Ba cave nearby with 50km long owning the dome – shaped ceiling. When coming into these caves, you will be impressed by the numerous stalactites and stalagmites in strange forms and different sizes. 

Traveling by boat on the romantic Dong Ngo rive from central port to get to Tam Coc maybe the best way for sightseeing. On the way you will go through cliffs of the rock mountains, caves and the blooming yellow rice fields along the river. What special about Tam Coc is that there is one rice crop a year only here in the period from May to June.

Besides, don’t forget to stop off at Mua cave, which gives you the panoramic view of Tam Coc or take a cycling around the rice fields is also the best experience in your journey.

The view from Mua Cave

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Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

With endless sand dunes, picturesque goats and sheep fields, Ninh Thuan is like "Mongolia of Vietnam". Even, the life of nomads in Ninh Thuan also makes people think of the beautiful Mongolian steppes.
Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

Ninh Thuan doesn’t have only blue Ninh Chu beach, flawless Cham Po Garai towers looks, Bau Truc pottery village famous for being the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia, Nam Cuong sand hill which is as beautiful as a brilliant colorful silk carpet… but also attracts tourists with the ravishing sheep fields.

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For travelers who have passion in exploring and adventure, the mountain goats and white sheep in Ninh Thuan will bring them irresistible attraction. Here, visitors will have opportunities to watch the sheep grazing on the vast fields, or wandering the sandy soil and dust as well as learn, discover the life of the nomads.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

The extreme conditions of climate and terrain, the burning hot and dry soil, burning wind, drought ... are the ideal conditions to nurture and care for goats and sheep.

Sheep are raised in the districts of Thuan Bac, Thuan Nam, Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuoc ... In these areas, visitors easily encounter goats, sheep everywhere. Sheep are grazed leisurely grazing in the fields or running here and there and sounding "be be" loud. Or they can run in large farms, on the village roads, highways and mountain areas.

In Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan), people has raised sheep for meat for more than 100 years. Ninh Thuan fleece is not very clean and white because the sheep have to paddle in shallow water, hunt for food in the fields and are not showered. However, dusty look, burning sandy, even black color of sheep in Ninh Thuan suit this sunny and windy land.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

The most beautiful, the largest sheep field in Ninh Thuan is considered the one located in An Hoa village, Xuan Hai commune, Ninh Hai district. Witnessing the gentle sheep grazing slowly surrounded by majestic mountains, romantic lakes located between trees and green grass, tourists will certainly be attracted and enchanted.

There are thousand of sheep in An Hoa. Whenever being unleashed, sheep go into herds which are as long as a military operations, churning up dust causing people to imagine the mighty horse's hooves in distant southern Mongolia steppe. Therefore, photographers, as well as travelers are very interested travel to this place to watch and take pictures of the sheep field in Phan Rang and soak up in the nomadic life of the shepherd.
Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

If you want to experience a day in the life of the nomads, you are advised to go to the sheep field from around 6:30 - 7 pm to meet, chat, interact and become familiar with the "butler" of the sheep farm as well as the gentle sheep.

From 8 in the morning, when the dew has dried, the sun rises, people will open the cages to lead the sheep to the field to graze until 11 am. You'll see a spectacular scene when dozens, even hundreds of sheep bursting out, running and bleating as waking the new day. Then, we will have "breakfast" in the pasture.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

When the sun starts scorching, sheep will drink water and rest in a field of grass. From 2-5 in the afternoon, the shepherd would drive them to other pastures to have "lunch". At dusk, the sun gradually sets in the distant mountains, sheep are driven back to the farm to have a light meal which consists of planted grass or cut grass to supply nutrition for sheep.

Despite the difficulties, the life of nomads here is natural and peaceful. There are only people with trees, with gentle animals, there is no hustle and noise of real life. Because, not everyone can have the opportunity to "enjoy" the peaceful space, the characteristic smell of sheep fields between a quiet wilderness surrounded by meadows, majestic mountains./.
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24 Interesting Hours in Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot is famous for being a plateau full of sun and wind, you can discover the mountain city of Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak) with majestic Serepok river or legendary elephant king's grave.

Ban Don (Don Village): is where visitors have the opportunity to ride on the huge elephant to explore the mystery of Highland mountains or experience the adventurous feeling when passing Serepok majestic river. In addition to riding elephants, you can rent a canoe to drift on Serepok river in the amid pristine mysterious mountains. Don Village is currently one of the main tourist destinations of Buon Ma Thuot.

Tomb of King Elephant: Don Village is also the resting place of elephant King Khun Yu Nob, who hunted 400 elephants. It’s King Bao Dai who ordered to build the tomb in Mo'Nong and Laos architecture to express his gratitude for the white elephant given by the elephant king.

Afternoon meal

There is a dish that you certainly have to try in Buon Ma Thuot - red noodle dish which is usually sold only in the afternoon and mostly on Phan Dinh Giot street. Along the road of only 100 m long, there are more than 10 red noodle stalls.

The main raw materials to make this dish are field crab, dumplings and boiled quail eggs. The noodles bowl has reddish color of cashews, bright red of tomato pieces served with water dropwort, beansprouts and some additives like onion, fried pork scratchings.

In addition, the noodle dishes such as fish noodles on Hai Ba Trung Street, wet cake at 45 Tran Nhat Duat, spicy chicken cakes on Y Jut street... are also very delicious.

The cafe shops for teens

In addition to the cafes making the fame of the Ban Me land, young people here have many other choices which have modern design and update trends such as tiled floor, white wall, art slogans written on the wall or vintage cafes as in HCMC or Hanoi.

You can visit at Bolero café (at 75 Y Moan street) which has just launched with quite nice design, Ngoc cafe (No. 1 Nguyen Van Troi) or Thi cafe (71 Ly Thuong Kiet) with old style, Lavie's Coffee (36 Dao Tan), Holiat (44 Dang Thai Mai), Life Coffee (7 Tran Huu Duc), Hippo Town (20A Ngo Quyen), Casa Coffee (10 Nguyen Son) ...

10/3 Square

The Square is located in the city center of Buon Ma Thuot, and is very spacious and less occupied by the surrounding shops. Children often come here to play, fly kites, cycle, rollerblading ... in the cool afternoons. In the evening, the area is really crowded. The food vendors are very bustling. Many people also bring newspapers, mats to spread on the square’s floor to relax and eat…


One of the delicacies which you should try is the chicken raised by the ethnic people. Chicken is fragrant, delicious, firm, sweet flesh, especially the price is very cheap (reference address: Sinh Đôi (Twins) restaurant at 84 Ngo Quyen or steamed chicken with lemon leaves on Truong Cong Dinh Street).

In addition, some other dishes you can try include bamboo tube rice on Le Thanh Tong cow tamarind dip, leaves soup of Ede ethnic, hemibagrus fish hotpot at 143 Ngo Quyen...


The weather in the mountains is rather cold in the morning, so you need to bring a sweater. Especially, you should enjoy the fresh air in the early morning by walking.

Note to learn the local customs and avoid going into the forest if you are not accompanied by the natives. If you are visiting this plateau city for the first time, you should choose the tours in groups to save costs for the Ban Me Thuot is also quite large.

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9 Must- Go Destinations in Vietnam before Getting Married

If you are still young and have time to travel around, don’t miss out 9 must- check – in destinations in Vietnam.

Phu Yen

Not as crowded as beaches in Nha Trang or Danang, Phu Yen brings you the pristine beauty of the sea. Nature has endowed this small land beautiful things that you cannot find anywhere else.

Phu Yen has become a more and more attractive landscape for young people.Coming to Phu Yen, you should not miss famous attractions such as Da Dia, the lighthouse in Dien cape, Vung Ro Bay, Xuan Dai Bay and a series of lovely beaches.

Con Dao

Located in the Southeast of Vietnam’s coastal region, belonging to Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Con Dao is an archipelago with a total area of 72 square kilometers, including 16 small islands; the largest is Con Dao also known as Con Son Island. Go there, you will see the blue sea, white sand, picturesque streets without anyone. On the other hand, the island also brings its own mystery with relics from the Vietnam War era.

The peacefulness and quietness in Con Dao will be a suitable place for those who want to relax in a green and clean environment. Cycling along coastal roads in Con Dao will be an interesting experience

Nam Du Archipelago

Nam Du archipelago is located in the southeast of the island of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province, about 60 km from the mainland, including 21 islands, creating a wonderful scene among the Gulf of Thailand.

The island is surrounded by evergreen coconut trees


Hue is as gentle, dreamy and passionate as the typical purple of this ancient capital. Not only a journey to explore a new land, Hue is a great place for you to explore the history of the country, to know more other attractions such as the Citadel, royal tombs, pagodas..

Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot is not only attractive by its immense coffee fields but also by its spectacular waterfalls, mysterious national parks or the beauty of the legendary stream of Seperok.
Children playing in Buon Jun. Coming to Buon Ma Thuot, you could have great experience with elephant riding through forests and across streams.

Ninh Binh

Only about 100 km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh with natural and historical landscapes has become an interesting destination. Tourists could visit Ninh Binh in all seasons of the year, but the best time is from January to March lunar calendar.

Some attractions you should not miss when traveling to Ninh Binh are Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An, Van Long Lagoon, Thung Nham bird garden, Cuc Phuong National Park, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Phat Diem Cathedral.


Dalat has poetic scenery, diverse nature with a variety of choices to explore such as Cu Lan village, LangBiang, immense sunflower fields. Dalat is also special for its paradise of cuisine with many delicacies including banh can, barbeques, banh xeo, etc.


If you want to travel alone to the Northwest, Sapa is the place you should visit to explore the beauty of nature, people and enjoy specialties of the region.

The Mekong Delta

Coming to the Mekong Delta, you will get new experiences including visiting floating markets, lush orchards. If you are a nature lover, the Mekong Delta is a perfect choice with famous and breathtaking attractions such as Tra Su forest, Bung Binh Thien, Tram Chim, etc.

Top 10 Best Vietnam National Parks for Wildlife Discovery

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The Room of the President with the Most Beautiful View in Hanoi

The room of the President is the most luxury room of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel with the area of 305 square kilometers and 7 separate balconies.

Each balcony will bring tourists a different view including a direction towards the West Lake, islands on the water and the surrounding residential area.

The most relaxing place is the balcony because it has a beautiful view and pleasant atmosphere.

The lounge of the room is designed in simple and gentle way which brings comfortable feelings when entering the room.

The interiors of the room are luxurious with contemporary and classic design, including many artistic paintings of famous artists. The living room is the largest room.

The highlighted décor in the living room is 3 Buddha statues located right on the mirror shelves in the middle of the room.

The main bedroom is designed in cozy and private way, creating the feeling of privacy and security for the VIPs here.

The opposite side of the bed is a corner for rest and reading books.

The meeting room and also dining room depending on the usage of tourists.

Decor is simple but still creates cozy feeling when meeting or dining in this room.

The bathroom is design simply yet handily.

The sub – bedroom with wide design is for the relatives of politicians. There is a door connected to the next room in case the VIPs wish to have their bodyguard next to them.

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5 Pristine Islands in Kien Giang Few Tourists Come

Kien Giang Province is situated in the Mekong Delta, possesses many famous islands including Ba Lua, Nam Du, Phu Quoc... Additionally, Kien Giang also has many hidden islands of a little-known, which always keep these places wild beauties.

Hon Son

Hon Son islocated in Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province. The island is situated between Nam Du and Hon Tre Island, which is considered one of the most pristine and most seductive islands Kien Giang. Hon Son possesses clean beaches, white sand dune, blue water and coconut trees, rocks together with the quiet and comfortable atmosphere. The island is an ideal place for relaxing after busy days in the hustling cities.

In addition to enjoying the beaches on Hon Son, travelers can snorkel to see the coral reefs located between Da Bang and Doc 3 Tang. Visitors should get up early to admire the breathtaking and romantic panorama of the island at the sunrise, or enjoy the peace when seeing the sunset at Bai Da.

Besides, travelers can conquer the Ma Thien Lanh Mount with the San Tien where you can have a panoramic view of the sea. Hon Son also has Lao Son Lord Temple, Ba Chu Temple, Cao Dai Temple, Hai Son Pagoda, Pho Tinh Pagoda located at Bai Nha where travelers can visit and take share-worthy photos.

Hon Tre (Bamboo Island)

Hon Tre is the administrative center of Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province, around 30km west of Rach Gia City. Hon Tre has a length of 3.5km with the widest place is about 2km and the highest 395m peak. The islanders earn their living by gardening, fishing and seafood processing. Hon Tre also features many beautiful sites such as Bai Che, Dua Cave, Duoi Ha Ba…

Located in the northwest of the island, Bai Chen is a quiet gulf, stretching on the 2km coast. The beach has a lot of big round stones as the huge bowls (chen). This is the most beautiful beach of Hon Tre with the untouched scenes of the blue sea and lush green forest.

Travel to Hon Tre, visitors will have chance to enjoy numerous attractive and exotic dishes like the whistle of a kind of oysters called Bien Mai. The islanders can prepare this seafood into various dishes including raw, porridge, floured fry… eating with natural vegetables grown on the island. Under the sands of the sea there are a lot of faint beans processed into delicious dishes.

Hon Nghe

Hon Nghe is one of the most beautiful islands with an exotic allure of the Ha Tien Bay (Kien Giang). The wild rocks stretching into the blue sea with the rustic floating fish cages create a tranquil picture of the region. This island is known as the "oval paradise" (because of its oval shape) made of sandstone, with the highest peak of about 300m above the sea level.

However, the most charming scenery in the island concentrated in Lau Chuong, where the giant Guanyin statue built in 1974 stands. With a height of 20m, the statue is like a big lighthouse to guide the ships on the sea.  There is also a strange stone called Chum which softly touched will generate the humming sounds likea temple bell.

According to the locals at Hon Nghe, there are many other stones in the island has such characteristic. Along with what nature bestowed, the rustic fishing villages on the island of Hon Nghe are also the mark points to the beautiful landscape, giving the island a distinctive charm.

Hon Doc

Hon Doc belongs to the Island Commune Tien Hai, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. Hon Doc also has an impressive name called the "Pirate Island", located in the west sea of Vietnam. Hon Doc and its neighboring islands formed the Pirate archipelagoes emerged 1.100ha area, consisting of 16 islands located around 11 nautical miles (27.5 km) from the Ha Tien mainland. Currently, Hon Doc has not been invested to develop tourism services, but it still attracts a lot of self-sufficient travelers come to explore the pristine and secret beauty of the island.

Hon Doc is preserving a pyramid stone landmark constructed by the navy in South Vietnam in 1958, which is the evidence for the national sovereignty and maritime borders and islands. With the rich natural potential of sea and island and embellished monuments, the island has promoted the marine tourism, which will have a great contribution to the development of the local economy and society.

Hon Heo

Featured an area of 150 hectares with a perimeter of about 7km, Hon Heo is a crowded island with a lot of boats and markets purchasing seafood like in the mainland. Step out from the center of the fishing village, travelers can see the beautiful beach in front. The sand dunes are not too fine, but the blue sea and primeval forest will enchant visitors at the first sight.

Formerly, Hon Heois owned by Mr. Tu Hac. Later in the French colonial period, a woman named Lua who is the wife of Mr. Lan (Blanc, a French officer) settled on the island. She built brick and bluestone barnsto feed pigs. That's why the island is named Hon Heo, and the surrounding islands are called Ba Lua islands.

Hon Heo also has the Tu Son Hai Pagoda located on the slope of the mountain, built in 1985 with brick and concrete restored in 1993. The pagoda is now is managed by the Abbot Thich Hue Tanh. The road leading to the temple is quite beautiful with cement stairs. The yard is not too large but airy with the shades of some fruit trees and flowers. Visitors can see the blue see from a distance and enjoy the peace when travel to this quiet temple.

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