The Breathtaking Borderline in Binh Lieu

The majestic borderline on the edge of the cliffs, the sea of clouds suddenly under the feet, the rapids and cool streams... all these are in Binh Lieu. Binh Lieu is a highland border district of Quang Ninh, more than 100 km northeast of Ha Long City. Dubbed "Sa Pa of Quang Ninh", "Sa Pa of the Northeast", this destination is becoming more and more known in the relocation community. Binh Lieu makes people feel attracted because it owns nearly 40 km border with beautiful borderline, it can be the most beautiful in the Northeast.

The borderline along the border crossing the high mountains, surrounded by acacia forest, jungle, cinnamon fragrant, under the valley is the village. Long time ago in the winter, snow fell on this road. The majestic mountainside frontage and the long stretch of road make it easy for travelers to get attracted. This is also a "paradise" border markers, from the 1300 mark at the intersection of Lang Son, Quang Ninh with Guangxi (China) to milestone 1327. Many landmarks in particular, each visit the landmark Is a private trip. You should not miss the most beautiful 1300 milestone in the white wipe season, which is famous for its rather difficult trekking trail, considered the "dinosaur backbone" of the North East.

Just like the " dinosaur backbone " Ta Xua of the Northwest, the trail drawn on top of the mountain winding up as infinite, after passing through pine forest, forest architecture, requires strength and determination. In return, the beauty of the wild flowers, mountains and forests with the pride of touching the landmark will make your journey unforgettable.

Binh Lieu owns more than 1,000 m high mountains, Cao Ba Lanh with legendary rock like bell ring, or top Cao Xiem - "rooftop" of Quang Ninh. Cao Xiem has a long wall of stone compared to the "Great Wall of China" and the inox marking 1,429 m elevation attracts many young people trekking.

Streams, waterfalls are also one of the specialties here. Khe Van Waterfall with three cascades of waterfall, Suc Cau Waterfall, Mooc River, Khe Tien River and many small beautiful and unspoiled waterfalls, bring many beautiful stories. This is the habitat of the Dao, San Chi, Tay, ... Binh Lieu has many beautiful terraced fields, yellow dyed each season, which makes it unique, though not spectacular as the Northwest.

This place is developing many homestay of compatriots. However, if you want to experience the wilderness, you can also choose to camp. The Cao Xiem Mountain area of Cao Ly is quite suitable for a memorable camp, where the "white goats huddle around the hill". Cao Ly is also a hunting spot for "rustic" territory. If lucky you can also meet the sea of clouds here on beautiful days.

However, the border areas is quite desolate and hence you should pay attention, select locations and have contact with local people.

Do not forget to visit Dong Van highland market in Dong Van Commune, where Dao people, San Chi busy exchanging products, watching the unique costume with peacock pattern.

Northeastern Forest dishes here are noodles, grilled fish ... Especially, there are famous stir fried pho noodles and rice noodles, cinnamon oils…

The appropriate time to explore Binh Lieu is spring, summer season (March), rainy season (September), the season of white flowers (December). The route from Hanoi to Binh Lieu via Highway 18 and 18C is about 260 km.

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Where to Stay in Hanoi?

There are a few places in Hanoi that can bring visitors experience full of fun, to help you feel the full atmosphere of the streets of Hanoi – they are small pretty homestay. Where should you stay in Hanoi? Homestay will be one of the great answers.

Le Bleu Indie

Situated on Tong Dan Street, Le Bleu Indie is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful homestay in Hanoi. Le Bleu India is an apartment in a French-built mansion. With classic French architecture combined with unique decor, Le Bleu Indie evokes an old-fashioned feeling that is very modern.

Le Bleu Indie now has two separate bedrooms. With a few recycled items, Le Bleu India's owner creates a very private, cozy and cozy bedroom. Another characteristic of Le Bleu India is that there is a balcony overlooking Tong Dan Street. Traveling to Hanoi and staying at the Le Bleu Indie homestay, visitors will be able to feel the full air of Hanoi when watching a corner of Hanoi street from the balcony.


Another homestay which is also as small as Le Bleu Indie is Lacaito. Similar to Le Bleu Indie, Lacaito was also renovated and redecorated from a small apartment in the old French villa. Lacaito consists of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a balcony, but impresses as soon as entered by the design style in a beautiful nostalgic atmosphere.

Lacaito uses mainly furniture made from rattan, bamboo and wood material, which is a feeling of simplicity and simplicity. Besides, Lacaito's floor and the kitchen wall are paved with old-fashioned brick tiles creating a unique impression. In addition, Lacaito also has a balcony with a small garden. This will be an ideal place for visitors to sip a cup of coffee in the morning, catch the sun, read a book or have a party at night.

Mei Hideaway

If you are wondering about where to stay in Hanoi, Mei Hideaway is a great suggestion. Mei Hideaway is a pretty homestay located on Truc Bach Street. Although the area is quite narrow, but the space in Mei Hideaway is not a feeling of cramped, uncomfortable but also bring comfort, relaxation and lightness. This is due to the way the design and decoration of Mei Hideaway reached a high harmony, bringing simple, elegant but subtle beauty.

The Mei Hideaway has two bedrooms, a common living room including living room and kitchen. If you intend to stay at Mei Hideaway when traveling to Hanoi, you should contact the reservation early because of the small number of rooms, Mei Hideaway regularly is fully booked.

Satori Homestay

For those who love the romantic, sweet things, especially the female tourists, Satori will be a perfect choice when traveling to Hanoi. Satori is a homestay located on Quang Trung Street. Like most other homestays in Hanoi, Satori is not too large. However, instead, Satori always brings a sense of peace, warmth and comfort.

Satori has all 6 bedrooms and common living space. Each bedroom is about 16m2, decorated in a gentle, elegant style with the color combination between paint water, curtains and impressive mattress. Also common living space includes living room, kitchen and terrace. Guests staying at Satori can cook their own meals in the communal kitchen. Especially around the area of homestay Satori , a lot of delicious specialties of Hanoi are available, so do not forget to find and enjoy these dishes. To find out more about good food Hanoi, visitors can see more article "Where to eat in Hanoi?".

Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom)

Surely tourists are wondering Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) and Le Bleu Indie have a link with each other because the names are quite similar. Yes, Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) is a very famous "brother" of Le Bleu Indie. Born to Le Bleu India, Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) quickly resonated as a beautiful homestay in the French villa on Tran Hung Dao. Along the French-style architecture, the Le Bleu space is decorated in a classic European style. The Le Bleu space is larger than the Le Bleu Indie, with many bedrooms, a living room with an old-style fireplace and a small kitchen overlooking the garden.

In addition to these homestays, visitors can also stay at some other nice homestay in Hanoi such as Phori's House (Quang Minh Town, Me Linh District, Hanoi), Au Frais (near West Lake, Hanoi), Tree House (Long Bien district, Hanoi), Hidden (Soc Son pine forest, Hanoi) ... Hope with suggestions on homestay in the article , you will have an idea about the best and most comfortable accommodation for your Hanoi trip.

Vung Tau Tourism – Cat Lo Port

Vung Tau is a dynamic and romantic coastal city. It is blessed with long coasts and diversified marine life. With the original natural beauty and modernity of a developing city, Vung Tau tourism becomes an attractive destination for tourists.

It is often referred to Hai Phong is a famous port city, but few people know that Ba Ria - Vung Tau province has the most ports in the country (the whole province has 53 large and small seaports including 10 big ports). Cat Lo Port is one of the largest seaports in the coastal city with the fishing logistic function of fishermen. If you have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau tourists once to the port of Cat Lo to feel the aftertaste of life here. No shimmering, beautiful as the Ho Tram, Ho Coc's idyllic seaport along with the pace of fishermen here will bring visitors a new experience.

Introduction of Cat Lo port - location and transportation

Like many other ports, Cat Lo port is the landing of the boats each time from the sea. Cat Lo Port is where fishermen are busy for a bumper fish season. Cat Lo Port is where the children go to their mother, waiting for the father to return to ... The poetic beauty, simplicity of a port as Cat Lo quickly became an attractive rendezvous for those who love exploring Vung Tau tourist destination.

The port is located at the mouth of the Dinh River at Ward 11, Vung Tau City. Cat Lo port on one side overlooking the peaceful Dinh river, on the other side facing the big sea. The port has a large area of about 6.7 hectares with spacious grounds. In addition, Cat Lo Port owns three large wharves for large, small boats.

Port is one of the economic points of Vung Tau city. Not only the berth of ships, Cat Lo port also develops various services such as preliminarily processing, transshipping seafood and storage of petroleum, ice ... Rather diverse with different services but birth Cat Lo port is quite impressive with fresh, green, clean beautiful attractive nature.

Guests can easily reach Cat Lo port by taxi or motorbike. The port is quite central, not too far from the highway so it is very convenient to move. The ideal time to visit Cat Lo port is the dawn or sunset. The lyrical scene of early morning and sunset paintings will surely make visitors feel great.

Interesting experiences at the port of Cat Lo

Feel the peaceful atmosphere of the ocean: Cat Lo Port not only owns a simple but beautiful scenery. Besides the cool climate is also here is a big plus for tourism Cat Lo port.

Guests can feel the wind blowing from the ocean to cool each morning. Zoom out to the sea is immense sea of endless people to remove the anxiety to drop in the vast nature. For tourists who love photography on the island, Cat Lo is an excellent destination with beautiful view.

Feel the aftertaste of daily life: Cat Lo Port is an economic port, serving fishermen's main fishes so the pace of life in the port is quite bustling and fun. Guests will be able to inhale the fresh air here and feel the aftertaste of life in the harbor.

The scene of the busiest ships dock "drawing up" a vivid picture of life. Besides, the port also carved out the lives of fishermen here - busy, noisy but also peaceful to strange. For those who are away from the sea for a long time, a little smell of shrimp, fish smell fish also feel strange skin. Meet the familiar figure of the rustic fisherman also makes people feel close, warm ...

Besides the experience of the life of the port of Cat Lo tourists can experience the boat on the sea. From Cat Lo you can buy a boat ticket to visit Con Dao - a beautiful island that is majestic with historical vestiges. Incorporating the Museum of Vung Tau and Con Dao city visitors will certainly add to their knowledge of rich history.

Cat Lo Port - one of the ports that make up the Dinh River and the Vung Tau City is an interesting tourist destination that visitors can visit and explore. Cat Lo port is not as luxurious, so poetic as other destinations, but the pictures of the train back to the sea, the children waiting for mother, the seafood market here promises to bring exciting experiences.

Overwhelmed by The Beauty of Trang An

Driving along National Highway 1, about 4km south of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, you will come to Trang An, where limestone strips, valleys and interwoven rivers create a mysterious, mysterious space.

The boat wharf is where tickets for strolling around the country Trang An. The cloud, green mountains, silver water… all are like in a watercolor painting. Small boats hovering on the river Sao Khe. Caves are lit to help visitors easily observe. Every time through a cave visitors will feel different beauty. At the same river, you can see both the blue or green color of the water.

Trang An is one of the most well known destinations of Ninh Binh. The scenery here is made up of rivers flowing through the limestone mountains, forming numerous mysterious natural caves, mysterious.

Ecological system in Trang An is also very rich and it is not difficult to catch the diving leagues for prey in the river. Aboriginal villages and ships in King Kong are set up to serve visitors. The aboriginal village and the ship in the King Kong movie are set up for the sightseeing.

Come to Trang An you can just drop your soul into the nature here, have been in contact with foreign friends and proudly introduce to them a Trang An is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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The Summer on Koh Rong Island

I dreamed of a trip to a place where there was a blue jade beach, the bridges extended to the sea. And so happy, it became a reality.

After nearly an hour of high-speed boat, my group and I were on the beautiful Koh Rong Island. From the pier to the hotel, I was not surprised and amused by the clear blue water.

Water is so clear that I could see the bottom. We came to the island is also late afternoon, take a walk around a round. Along the coast of the island has a large row of large folding chairs for guests to lie. Free rest. You can enjoy the relaxing moment with your back here.

I went back to the hotel to take a rest and have dinner with everyone in the delegation. Coco Beach Resort is selected by the delegation, with many rates such as dorm 300,000 VND (14 USD)/ room, room 2 800,000 VND (110 USD)/ room, room for 4 people is 1.2 million VND (48 USD) / room ...

We prepared our own dinner. Everyone was happy and excited about an unforgettable experience. Many people in Koh Rong - Cambodia know English, or Western-style shops open the service. You can easily communicate with basic English, or use gestures to express.
If Koh Rong Samloem Island has a peaceful peaceful environment suitable for relaxation, you will feel a different feeling when coming to Koh Rong Island. The night is very busy here. The bar, restaurant grows along the beach with vibrant music. Come to Koh Rong, remember not to sleep early, but take the time to go to the beach, drink your own Angkorian beer and enjoy yourself in the vibrant, fun, different music.

The majority of tourists are Westerners, most of them Westerners, costing between $ 2 and $ 5 each. In the morning, there are fried rice, baguette, local noodles ... BBQ dinner is $ 5 (bread with pork or grilled chicken, seafood). Beer costs 1-2 USD, cocktail is from 2 USD, kebab is 3 USD.Here you should try Angkor style of Cambodia. And if you want to try Khmer, you can choose one in the menu. You and you have to try beef rice and chicken rice with vegetables, cooked with very fine cashew nuts, the price range is about $ 2-5 for a normal meal.

Dawn turns magical form. I should have gotten up early to see the sunrise on the island.After breakfast, we continue to visit the island.Beautiful morning on the island so pleasant.I go around the sea.For sea, I caught the swing Caught on the tree. Bring the book, sit here and then it is nothing more beautiful. Koh Rong has a beautiful beach, white sand and smooth, combined with cool blue water makes it easy to make people feel like a fairytale. 

Rarely have I seen so many piers. Probably due to the nature of the sea here is very shallow, to anchor the boat, the wharf is stretched far away from the mainland. Whether on or under the bridge, where is also where to photograph her live.

There are also many exciting games such as snorkeling (snorkeling, snorkeling, fishing, jumping, sunset, BBQ, fruit, fish, glowing fish), zipline ($ 25 USD season low, $ 35 high season, unlimited play), trekking through the forest, kayaking ($ 8 a day, $ 12 a day). You can paddle to the nearby small island 45 minutes, on the island there is a small temple on the top, this is the most beautiful place to snorkeling.

Some note to Koh Rong - Cambodia

Money: Cambodians spend riel (read Ria), 1 riel = 5.36 VND, or can spend US dollars (4000 riel = 1 USD).

Passport must be valid for more than 6 months.

From Sihanoukville buy a train ticket to Koh Rong Island: Round trip fare is US $ 20 round trip and return (remember your return trip at the ticket counter right at the pier).

5 Things to Buy After Travelling in Cambodia

Silk, palm sugar,Krama scarf, silver jewellery,  ... are items thattravellers should not bypass when travelling to Cambodia.

1. Silk

In Cambodia, the majority of silk products are still made by traditional method. Visitors can choose some souvenirs made of silk, for example scarves, head scarves, silk fabric, ... To buy quality gifts, you should have  look at KohDach island - which is known as the land of silk products, about 15km from Phnom Penh.

This is where you can visit and see firsthand how to make silk products as well as choose some silk souvenirs with unique motifs.

2. Krama scarf

Krama is specific scarf of Cambodia, woven from soft cotton, which helps absorb sweat and is an indispensable accessory of young backpackers. Besides using Krama as a covering, Cambodians also use it for many other things: carrying a baby, bringing anything, table clothing, lining chairs, decorating ... Common price is about 1 USD for one but it could be cheaper if you buy more than that.

3. Small carvings 

The beautiful small carvings in Cambodia that you can buy for friends include carvings on stone, wood, bronze, and even silver with the imageslike the Buddha, Apsara, famous places ... These are interior decorations favourite by many people. Inanimate rocks and wooden blocks seem to be extraordinarily soulful under the hands of artisans in Cambodia .

4. Silver Jewellery

Besides the souvenirs listed above, you can also buy products made from silver. In Cambodia, silver products have been widely used in religious ceremonies since 11th century.

With the development of tourism, in Phnom Penh and SiemRiep, specialized stores selling the products made from silver such as bracelets, necklaces, ...have mushroomed more and more, and visitors can choose lots of unique jewelleries as a gift for their loved ones.

5. Jaggery (palm sugar)

Palmyra is a specific tree that growswidely in Cambodia. Jaggery – a kind of surgar made from palm tree tastes sweet and it’s delicious for cooking. That is why many people choose to buy jaggery as a gift when traveling in Cambodia. In particular, when you buy jaggery here you will discover the truth that it never stiff enough to condense into blocks. Therefore, high quality and delicious jaggery is in liquid form, viscid and deep yellowlike a good types of honey.

Top 10 “Must – try” Experiences of Young Travelers When Traveling Vung Tau

1. Taking photos at Vung Tau Marina

Vung Tau Marina is situated at the end of Road No. 1, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City. Ideally located on Dinh River, the front surrounded by two islands namely Long Son and Go Gang, Vung Tau Marina is the first of its kind in Vung Tau that serves as the dock of canoe, yachts, boat, etc. Moreover, it is built for the purpose of working as the passenger station of many routes on the rivers and bays of Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau. 

2. Camping at Tu Phuong That Dao eco – tourism site

Located in Phuoc Huu hamlet, Long Phuoc commune, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, 8 kilometers from the center of Ba Ria, Tu Phuong That Dao eco-tourism site has long been familiar with those who are engrossed with nature admiration and exploration. This eco - tourism destination captures the attention of both locals and tourists by “green” space, fresh atmosphere, and 7 artificial islands spreading over a tract of the land at the shape of a trapezoid. Significantly, 3 sides of the tract surround the immense rice paddies and the other one is the lush fruit garden, livestock farm, and clean vegetable plantation with a total area of 22,000 square meters.

3. Holding panoramic views of Vung Tau at  Con Heo Hill

Con Heo hill is located at Sau Beach, near the mountain. Originally, the Hill served as a quarry, so it was not popular with even local residents. Over the past few years, however,  Con Heo Hill has become a unique "wild hill" in which young travelers flock to explore and grasp nice check – in pictures.

4. Visiting Long Hai Beach

Lying in Ba Ria Province, 12 kilometers from the city of Vung Tau, Long Hai Beach was naturally favored the charming scenery.  Coming to this amazing beach, you might make a visit to Dinh Co Temple, where you can greet the panorama of Long Hai Beach.

5. Climbing the statue of Christ stretching arms

Located at the peak of Nho Mountain (small mountain), the statue of Christ is the largest statue in Asia at the height of 32 meters. Interestingly, the statue stretches arm heading out to the sea. To reach the statue, tourists must climb up 1000 steps and further 133 spiral stairs. It is a “hard but rewarding” journey because they could definitely greet the panorama of the city from there.  

6. Enjoying fresh seafood at Phuoc Hai fishing village

Traveling 16kilometers on Provincial Road 44, you definitely reach Phuoc Hai, one of the oldest fishing village in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. As you can guess, fishing is the main livelihood of the local residents.  The village has been locally and regionally famous for the fish sauce and dried fish that tourists bought as souvenirs at the end of their journey. Moreover, you have a chance to enjoy fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

7. Savoring oysters in Long Son fishing village

Spreading across an area of 92 square kilometers, of which 54 square kilometers is mainland and the rest is mangrove, Long Son island commune has long been famous for its charming natural beauty. Moreover,  it impresses tourists by the friendliness and hospitability of the locals who has made their living by fishing, farming, and salt producing.  Additionally, the residents afford their living by raising oysters, tourism and seafood processing.

8. Visiting Hon Ba Temple

Heading out to Nghinh Phong Cape, a few hundred meters from the coast, Ba island is a averagely – high rocky massif. Noticeably, the locals built a shrine as the place of worship and pray for the “safe and sound” sea travel. Normally, if tourists want to get there, they have to get on a boat. According to some senior residents, there is a gray stone road leading to Hon Ba Temple at low tide on the 14th - 15th and 1st of the lunar month.

9. Visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse 

Located at the peak of Nho mountain, built and inaugurated in 1862, Vung Tau lighthouse is a round tower of white paint and 18 meters high. Significantly, the light at the top of the tower can shine up to 30 miles away. Standing at the lighthouse, tourists definitely greet the panorama of the whole city immersing in the fog, charming beaches at the shape of the crescent,  and the immense Minh Dam mountain. Moreover, if you look down the foot of the tower, you would probably be mesmerized by the blooming porcelain flowers. How amazing!

10. Visiting “Bach Dinh” (White Palace)

In 1898, Paul Doume, Governor General of French Indochina built White Palace (Villa Blanche) on the ground of Phuoc Thang Fortress that fired on French ships 50 years ago. This residence captures the eyes of tourists by Roman architecture.  Currently, it is preserving 19 cannons.