Expat Guide to Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, food and accommodation is always a matter that visitors are concerned about. Our Myanmar travel experience will be share to you, so you can have the best trip to the country.


We like to eat food in Bagan and Inlay rather than Yangon. The food in the south (Yangon) is usually pale and has no specific taste, while the food in the Bagan& Inlay area (Northern & Central) has a distinct flavor.

Sure, sometimes a little salty.

You can order Burmese food or Chinese food.

During the journey, we often order fried rice, dry noodles, noodles and seafood.

You should not order the Shan noodles because it is very greasy and salty even though it is one of the famous dishes in Myanmar.

You should not order the Tea Leaf Salad because it is very bitter and difficult to eat although this is a daily dish of Myanmar people.

There are many suggestions to try traditional Myanmar dishes at the Feel Myanmar Restaurant - a very crowded restaurant (both tourists and local people) but perhaps due to improper taste so we do not like it very much. 

If you still want to go there, you should try the items related to curry – they seems to be more suitable and easy to try.

You may not believe it, but we found the food at the bus stop on intercity road better than eating in restaurants in big cities. You should try Chinese Food at these stations.

Unlike main dishes, beverages in Myanmar are very tasty and delicious especially fruit juices, fruit at very cheap prices.

In Bagan, you should try cane juice at 500kyat / a glass at temples, 1000kyat / a coconut (I bought 4 fruits at 3500kyat).

In Bagan, you should visit the Queen Restaurant (Bagan-Nyuang U, Bagan, Myanmar), food is quite delicious and cheap. An average meal (including drinking water) for four people is about between $ 12 to $ 14 (Free delicious dessert fruit and candy).

At Inle, the cost of a meal would be more expensive in Bagan and Yangon. We had a meal and two drinks for $ 9.5 on a floating restaurant in Inle.


In Yangon:

Being able to pay directly via a visa / mastercard saves you a lot of time. Otherwise, you can only pay for the booking through the western union.

The inn offers free breakfast with bread, toaster, fried eggs, milk and orange juice. You can order the pan cake for 2000kyat / unit.

They have 29 seat and 7 seat car to pick up at Yangon Airport and take guests from the inn to the airport. This is quite convenient because you will save a small amount of money for travel and time

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ho Quoc Pagoda – One of the Best Temples in Phu Quoc

Located in an extremely beautiful location, Ho Quoc  pagoda leans against  the mountain and faces the sea. This is an ideal spiritual destination for visitors when they have the opportunity to visit Pearl Island – Phu Quoc Island.

Ho Quoc Pagoda, also known as Truc Lam Ho Quoc Monastery, was inaugurated in 2012 and is one of the largest temples of the provinces in the South West.

The pagoda was built in a very beautiful location: it leans against  the mountain and faces the sea. It was built under the architecture of the Ly and Tran Dynasty, including main hall, the bell tower and drum tower.

Before entering the pagoda, you will see the gate including three small doors. After the gate, you will see a large courtyard. To go up to the main hall, tourist must walk up about 70 steps. On the two sides of the courtyard, there are two towers, one on the left from the outside, which contains a huge drum and the right one contains a large bell.

Although located in the same system of Truc Lam Zen monastery, the architecture of the Ho Quoc monastery is slightly different from other monasteries because the pagoda was completely constructed from the wooden pillars, so the height of the chambers also depends on the height of the wooden column.

How to get to the Ho Quoc pagoda?

From Duong Dong town, you can go towards Phu Quoc prison, the turn to Bai Sao about 1km on the left hand side with a small turn, that is the way to the Ho Quoc pagoda (On the other side of the road to the pagoda is Suoi Lon Residential Area). On the road, there is a signboard leading to a concrete road, which is over 6m wide, continue to drive about 4km more to get to the temple. There are two ways to go to the temple: go straight and turn left. The way on the left leads to the back of the temple, this is the internal road (you should not go this way).

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Suggestion of 4-Day Itinerary to Phu Yen

After the “fever” created from the film "I see the yellow flowers on the green grass", Phu Yen - Binh Dinh becomes a highlight for a memorable and cheap summer trip.

The 4-day schedule below will help you explore two places with beautiful beaches, delicious food, low cost and extremely friendly people.

Day 1: From Noi Bai (Ha Noi) or Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), you choose early flight to travel to Tuy Hoa. Then take a taxi to the hotel, take a break and prepare for the afternoon tour.

Day 1 - Afternoon: You can spend time visiting the south of Phu Yen with famous landmarks such as Vung Ro Bay, Mon beach - Lighthouse Dai Lanh. These two sites are close together, 50 km south of Tuy Hoa city center. From Dai Lanh Lighthouse, you can admire the picturesque scenery of Mon Beach from above with long sandy beach and turquoise sea.

In the evening in Tuy Hoa, you can go to 1/4 Square, go to Nhan Tower, go to Hung Vuong Bridge, or go to Hung Vuong Street to find out about the nightlife of Phu Yen youth.

Day 2: Visiting Bai Xep Beach – Ong Reef, O Loan lagoon, Da Dia Reef in the north of Tuy Hoa.

About 20 km north of Tuy Hoa City, the Bai Xep Beach formerly was a pristine beach underneath a magnificent rocky cliff. The film “I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass” has successfully "promoted" a little known place into one of the most wanted check in places in the past year when traveling to Phu Yen.

From Bai Xep, travel more than 20 km to the north to reach Da Dia - famous place with a rare spectacle of Phu Yen.

Day 3 : In the morning, from Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen, you book a bus to Quy Nhon (about 2 hours). Arrive in Quy Nhon, check in, rent a motorbike and rest, prepare for the afternoon tour.

In Quy Nhon there are many delicious and cheap food that you should try, such as baked rolls, shrimp cake, shrimp dumpling, fish noodle ... If you do not want to go out or too tired to move, you can spend time exploring Quy Nhon City, stop at some restaurants and bars, and go to the sea in the afternoon. The roads in Quy Nhon are neatly planned, clean and nice, the people are hospitable, friendly and enthusiastic.

If you want to go out, there are many things to see , such as Ghenh Rang tourist site with Mong Cam slope, Thi Nhan hill, Han Mac Tu poet's grave, visit famous Hoang Hau beach with round stones like eggs…

Day 4: Depart early to Nhon Ly - Ky Co.

About 30 minutes by motorbike from the center of Quy Nhon city, Nhon Ly is a small fishing village still preserves wild with beautiful places: Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon Islet.

About 9h there is a canoe departing from Nhon Ly to Ky Co. You must contact in advance for reservation, tour including round trip canoe, lunch at Ky Co, fresh water bath and sightseeing - view Hon Seo Coral reef or go to Eo Gio, depending on the selection of the group.

In the afternoon, you return to Nhon Ly. End the journey.

Suggestion of Best Places to Take Photos in Hanoi

You may have been in Hanoi for a long time but never had a photo collection on the nice streets and corner of Hanoi. Why not give it a try?

The summer is also a good time to shoot in Hanoi, with the characteristic flowers, especially lotus flowers, Giant Crape-myrtle flower, flamboyant flowers ... Some places below will be the addresses for those who do not know where to take photos in Hanoi.

Hanoi House Cafe

Hanoi House Café is located at 47 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi. Although the café is located on the second floor, the small alley leading into the café has the impressive script of "Hanoi" and the door frame is quite unique, attracting many photographers and young people. The space here is very Hanoi. The small alley leads to Hanoi House on the second floor is a familiar check-in place of young people when coming to Hanoi. Although a few months ago this script was deleted but now has been restored.

Yen Hoa Road

This lovely corner is located on Yen Hoa Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. Only 20 m² in size, but this is a must if you want to have beautiful and "virtual" photos that are great for "stylish" girlfriends.

West Lake Road

West Lake Road is a familiar name that Hanoians have for the road surrounding the West Lake, which is nearly 18 km long. West Lake Road is actually a lot of streets, each with a different name and almost every section has its own special, romantic differences. On this road, near the West Lake water park, there is a beautiful photo shooting place that known as Korean Road by the youth. There are also lotus ponds blossoming at this summer time.

Phan Dinh Phung Street

Phan Dinh Phung street is shady and beautiful with two rows of ancient trees on the sidewalk every season. Each season, the pictures taken at Phan Dinh Phung Street bring their own beauty. Whenever you go through this path, you also encounter young ladies dressed in white long obes, or groups of friends, or newcomers from other places to take pictures.

Kim Ma Street

Like Phan Dinh Phung Street, Kim Ma Street near the Van Phuc Diplomatic Relief is a familiar place for those who love photography. Only a few hundred meters away, but this is where many pictures come in different styles, in any season, whether spring buds sprout or winter shoots. This place is also known as the "road of love" when many couples preparing for wedding often record memorable moments.

Red River Rock Field

Located at the end of 264 Au Co lane, the Red River Rock Field offers a tranquil, gentle beauty, with its "seasoned" flowers and vast white lagoons. This is the ideal place for those who love photography. You should not come here when the rain was just finished because of muddy road and dust will make your white dress dirty.

Hanoi Old Quarter 

The Hanoi Old Quarter, including the Ta Hien street in the early morning, Dinh Liet Street, Hang Vai Street ... and many other streets, sometimes just a door, a house or street corner are also impressive when appearing in the set of photos or souvenirs. You may be surprised because you will not think that the small corners you see everyday, which look so "normal" become so special in the photos.

The Most Popular Attraction In Ly Son Island

Ky Port (Quang Ngai Province), the magnificent Ly Son Island is definitely an ideal destination for young guys who are engaged in traveling and those who love spending the weekend with their family.

Ly Son was originally separated from Binh Son district to be an independent Ly Son Island District. Ly Son Island consists of two Islet, namely is Lon (Big) Islet and Be (Small) Islet that are named after their sizes. Big Island serves as home for local residents and farming land, in which they grow garlic. It is the long - lasting and characteristic occupation on this charming island. Talking about the beautiful tourist spots on the island, Thoi Loi Peak, in which we can hold an overall view of the sunrise, is definitely worth mentioning. Noticeably, the national flag also flutters in this breath – taking Peak. Walking along the concrete road which is still at work, you might go straight to reach the amazing Hang Cau (Cau Cave) instead of instead of turning left to set foot in the majestic Thoi Loi Peak. Visiting this cave, you can explore the spectacular mountain formed by lava with the strands of wind erosion.

Cau Cave offers a wonderful sea view. From here, taking a right turn on the sea road, you reach the lighthouse, where you can greet the very first rays of sunshine of the sunrise on the island. Climbing up to 190 winding steps (equivalent to 11 floors), you are at the summit of the lighthouse. Back to the road that you did follow, going round the island, you approach To Vo gate, an ideal place to watch the stunning sunset. Therefore, tourists flock to this gate in the late afternoon to enjoy one of the best moments and scenes of the day. Next to this alluring gate is Hang Pagoda featuring the statue of Buddha Kuan - Yin standing in front of the sea. According to the local residents, Buddha Kuan - Yin plays an essential part in their life, who does not only take care of their children when they are on the shore but also protect them against the sea monsters.

You might set foot in Small Islet (Dao Be) by canoe in the morning of the next day. It takes you 10 minutes to get there. Like Big Island, you just travel along the concrete roads, saunter or take electric trams to explore the island. The driver will take you to the stunning tourist attractions and charming scenery so that you can capture all the delightful scenes and moments.

We are sure that you will be « overwhelmed » by the majestic Small Islet.  It features the pristine blue sea and white sand and gentle waves kissing the shore. It’s a perfect destination for swimming and coral diving. The feeling of indulging yourself into such pristine water is extraordinary. You can’t stand falling in love with this amazing island right you set foot on it. Thus, the exhilarating Dao Be Islet is an ideal spot for family’s summer cruise and weekend holiday. Also, it is a « heart-melting » destinations for those who are engrossed into traveling, or even, those who are simply deeply in love with sea like me.

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Travel to Ninh Thuan - Visit 5 Awesome Destinations

Ba Moi vineyard

On the journey to explore the sunny and windy Ninh Thuan land, next to the charming wild coast, the immense ripe vineyards are the must-see when you arrive here.

About 7km from Phan Rang, the vineyards of Mr. Ba Moi in Hiep Hoa village, Phuoc Thuan commune, Ninh Phuoc district, is daily bustling welcoming tourists near and far to visit and explore. There are seven kinds of grape in the Ba Moi vineyard, four of which are fresh grapes and three types of wine. Interestingly, all visitors to the vineyard can eat grapes, drink syrup, wine for free ...

Nuoc Ngot Beach - Fresh Water Beach

Nuoc Ngot Beach is named after the Fresh Water stream that flows into the sea from Nui Chua National Park. Be careful you can see the trail down the beach and also not easy to go because the road down is very bad. Most visitors come to the Fresh Water beach by boat and do not have much time to explore the scenery.

Camping on the Fresh Water beach, the most beautiful beach in the Tu Binh sea area, will bring you a memorable experience. Romantic scenes will make you want to stay here forever. The front is the blue sea with white sand, the back is the stream in the gentle flow. Four sides are surrounded by mountains, feeling like the beach is just your own. Taking a swim here is very safe, the beach is smooth with long sandy beach stretching, smooth waves. In particular, in the rock niche you can also watch the colorful fish swim.

Bai Thung

By Vinh Hy Bay about 8km to the sea of Binh Tien, Thung Beach charms people who love the true wild. This place has no electricity, no fresh water, no telephone signal and no toilets. In return, Bai Thung area contains many interesting things with colorful coral reefs, sea creatures from familiar to strange are present here. 

At night, the sky is full of stars, the wind blows, surely if you do not go camping here one night, you will much regret.

Phuoc Binh National Park

Phuoc Binh National Park is located 65 km west of Phan Rang along the National Highway 27. Because it lies on the eastern side of the Da Lat plateau, it has an average temperature of 24 ° C, with cool climate year around- different from the familiar hot weather of the cactus’ land. This place has an extremely diverse ecosystem, wild nature, rivers and streams between rocky slopes, vast bushes of green forest, creating an amazingly lively natural landscape.

Here you can explore the forest, enjoy floating rafts on the Cai River, watch rare plants and animals, visit historical monuments of stone Pi Nang Tac, explore caves along streams, learn the traditional cultural activities of both Raglay and Churu communities. The most interesting is camping and cooking in the forest along Gia Nhong stream, Ba Tang cascade, fishing, bathing in the fountain, immersed in the beauty of the wild world.

Tanyoli Tourist complex

Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort is located in Son Hai village, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, on the beautiful coastal road. From Ho Chi Minh City, follow the National Highway 1A to Ca Na T-junction, turn right along the coastal road about 20km, about 30km from the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city. Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort has a 15 hectares site with a variety of fun activities.

Here, visitors can experience games such as High wire, Zipline, archery, sand desert conquest with large distribution terrain vehicles. In addition, with the characteristic terrain of Mui Dinh, here you will also admire the unique Mongolia ranch on the prairie, simulated based on nomadic life on the Mongolian savannah. Besides, this resort also offers beautiful and romantic tents under the trees in the most beautiful locations in Tanyoli.

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The Binh Ba Island – The Best Place to See Sunrise or Sunset

Visiting  Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, you definitely have a chance to greet the charming sunrise and enjoy tasteful local specialities.

The exhilarating Binh Ba Island has attracted tourists with the pristine beach of blue water stretching over the area of 3 square kilometers. Additionally, the friendliness and hospitability of the local residents and fresh seafood at reasonable prices are worth mentioning.

The number of households in this charming island is approximately a thousand. In addition to 2 traditional livelihoods, namely aquaculture, and fish catching, the locals also earn their living by tourism business.

You can travel around the island by motorbikes and electric cars which cost 5$/turn and 10$/turn (for up to 10 people) per day respectively. We decided to hire a motorbike in 2 days and 1 night to explore this amazing Island. Thanks to this vehicle, we could actively greet the sunset and sunrise, enjoy best local dishes, and even visit any corner we’d love to. We had chances to see the “going” of the daily life of the locals which is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Noticeably, you can lean your motorbike on anywhere without worrying about its steal. It’s amazing, right?

There is a variety of guesthouses, homestays, and hotels in Binh Ba, so you can choose a suitable type to you based on your needs and financial capacity. The price of a room/day fluctuates from 2,5$ to 20$ depending on its quality. In peak season, you should book a room in advance to ensure that your room is available right when you enter the hotel. Or, you might directly meet the landlord to hire rooms. Featured with charming “untouched” beaches, and friendliness and simpleness of the local residents, tourists definitely have a “crush” on this Island right when they get there.

Binh Ba Island is one of the amazing destinations in Vietnam which has the earliest sunrise. To fully enjoy that moment, you should wake up early, about 4 a.m to get to Chuong beach. Moreover, if you wish to hold a panoramic view of this beach, you might climb to the peak of the mountain.

The sun gradually rises over the beach, then colors a corner of the sky brilliantly red which feature the immense blue sky and the pristine blue water. It must be an “alluring” scene that promises to touch your heart.

Featured by a charming beach, however, Chuong beach is not naturally favored a “marvelous” home to coral as that of Nha Cu. The beach highly impresses its tourists by the peaceful and poetic scenery of nature and rustic daily life of the locals instead. The images of boats floating off the shore and berthing at dawn are naturally engraved on our mind. Thus, this beautiful beach is an ideal destination for couples and young tourists who are “craving” for indulging themselves into peaceful nature as well as taking “virtual” check-in pictures.

Nom Beach

Nom beach is surrounded by two mountains that make it calm all year round. However, this prevents tourists from greeting the dawn in the early morning. As a reward for this disadvantage, Nom owns the soft white beach, so it is crowded with tourists and local people at about 4 p.m.

The sea offers numerous of services at reasonable prices, namely motorbike and banana boat ride. There a wide range of seafood restaurants along the beach, too. Therefore, after swimming or strolling, you are able to enjoy local specialties such as lobsters, or even series of snail dishes.

The first funny activity in the evening worth experiencing is to catch “Cong” (a kind of crab). There are many Congs around the beach when human are absent. Therefore, you can bring a flashlight with you to chase them. Then, if you are lucky, you might taste fragrant fried meat of Cong. Moreover, you might ask the owner of the basket boat for catching up shrimps and squids with them. This amazing exploring activity is offered by some travel agencies, so you are easy to experience it, or even you directly persuade the local to be a new member on their boat. 

Compared to the other beaches on Binh Ba Island, Nha Cu owns the most pristine blue water. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bathe here because of rocks on the beach. However, it is the territory of a huge range of colorful corals.To observe and explore their alluring beauty, you just need to sit on the nearby basket boats of the fishermen instead of diving into the seabed. Interestingly, if you are lucky, you might catch some starfishes of weird shapes.

When renting boats you can also tell the fisherman to take you to lobster ponds where you will be introduced the whole process of raising lobsters. In particular, these ponds enable you to buy fresh seafood at discount for family and friends.

Additionally, if you want to challenge your yourself, you might engage in adventurous activities, namely motorbike and banana boat ride priced at 5$/turn.

In the late afternoon, you can drop by the street food restaurants to enjoy various tasted snacks such as, Banh Trang Mam Ruoc (sesame- studded rice cracker), Nem Cuon (spring rolls), Banh Canh (thick noodle soup) accompanied by squids, shrimps, and shrimp paste, etc priced from 3,000 to 20,000 VND / portion.

After sauntering along the beach for a whole day, you can’s stand “swallowing” saliva when seeing the owners making Banh Trang Mam Ruoc. It is a kind of sesame-studded rice cracker filled with fermented pork, pickled carrots and radishes and green onion, served with a sweet tangy sauce. To make the rice cracker crispy and fragrant, is rolled and crispied up on the tiny charcoal-burning barbecue and. I’m sure that this amazing dish will satisfy your appetite for food.

In the morning, if you want to full stomach with a tasted dish at a reasonable price, give “Banh Canh Tom Muc” a go. It definitely makes you full of energy for the whole day.

One of the “must-try” dishes that the local residents on Dinh Ba Island suggest is the lobsters, a tasteful specialty. You might treat yourself a big feast with this wonderful dish because of  the affordable price. The sea here is suitable for raising high-quality lobsters compared with other places. It’s wonderfully “cool” to choose the lobsters by yourself and enjoy them right on the beach featured by the melodious waves, pleasant breezes, a bright moon, and the chasing of “Cong” (kind of sea craft living on the sand). Time flied so fast that our 2-day and 1-night journey to Dinh Ba Island ended when we were still deeply in love with this amazing attraction. So, we returned Hanoi with the thinking of coming back at the latest day to greet the beautiful dawn, and more importantly, indulge ourselves into peaceful immense nature.

Top 5 The Most Famous Temples in Bagan

The holy Buddhist sanctuary of Bagan is a well-known historical site in the Mandalay region of central Myanmar. This is an ancient city with thousands of pagodas and temples, unique monuments are preserved on the area of tens of km2. Anyone traveling to Myanmar to Bagan can not ignore some visiting to the ancient monuments left here.

1. Sulamani Temple

Sulamani Temple is located between the empty fields, far from the main road, built by King Sithu II in 1183, where some mural simple paintings, but unfortunately the restoration has deleted many of the ancient features of the temple. Sulamani is the only temple in Bagan with two rows of house along the entrance offering souvenirs, mostly sand pictures and wooden carvings.

Like the Ananda Temple, Sulamani Temple has four sides that look out in four directions, connected by wide corridors. There is shrine to worship Buddha each side, along the corridors there are niches and each niche is a small Buddha shrine.

2. Shwesandaw Temple

Shwesandaw Shrine looks like an Egyptian pyramid, with four sides, five floors and a stupa (bell tower) on the top. Legend has it that the temple was built by King Anawrahta in 1057 to house the relics as one of the eight Sakyamuni hairs that were brought back from India. The special feature of the Shwesandaw Shrine is four brick stairs on four sides, each with five floors. In order for visitors and pilgrims to climb on the balconies above, a rigid tube of steel tubes has been installed to the right of the stairs so that visitors can easily climb up because of the steep and narrow stairs.

 3. Ananda Temple

Ananda is a well-known, long-standing temple built in the former capital of Bagan, Myanmar. Although it has existed in a long historical process, almost the temple architecture remains intact until today. The temple was designed in the style of stupa. The feature of this architectural style is the temple built of stone with a small chapel inside. The architecture of the cross, in the center is a cube with a Buddha statue at each side is very impressive to visitors from the first sight. Ananda Temple is considered by Myanmar people as the symbol of the boundless wisdom of the Buddha. With such special significance and impressive architecture, today Ananda Temple is considered as an indispensable destination of any visitors to Myanmar.

4. Dhammayangyi Temple

Not far from the Shwesandaw Temple is the Dhammayangyi Temple, with gates and brick walls surrounded although many sections are ruined. Dhammayangyi is the largest temple in the Bagan complex. It is reported that six million bricks were used to build the temple. Unlike other temples, Dhammayangyi does not have a spire at the center of the tower hanging from a wind chime like the temples of Myanmar. Due to the mysterious history of this temple that local residents often call this a "ghost temple". There are many bats and crows living inside, their waste in the temple causes unpleasant smell in the temple.

5. Thatbyinnyu Temple

 Built in the mid-12th century, Thatbyinnyu Temple is considered to be the tallest temple in Bagan. The outside of the massive whitewashed Thatbyinnyu temple looks like a Renaissance Christian monastery in Europe. Within the Thatbyinnyu Temple there are long corridors, where altars with Buddha images are arranged in different posture and shape, but all are glistening gold. It is said that, Thatbyinnyu Temple is a fresco treasure of Burmese Buddhist art, but during the renovations, white lime was scorched on the wall, losing precious paintings.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Giang Cafe - Where Tourists Want to Taste at Least Once

Quan Giang (Giang Coffee) and its egg coffee have become a “must-arriving” destination of many tourists in Hanoi. A cup of egg coffee of this shop seems to have magics to “mesmerize” any visitors.
As usual, I greet the coming week by waking up early, getting out of my house with my motorbike, then enjoying a good breakfast and sipping my coffee - my “crush”. I’m quite interested in the “hustle and bustle” of a new day when new ideas and experiences are approaching me.

However, the weather isn’t “hospitable” at all. In these days of March, it keeps drizzling all day amid gray sky. They are easy to “discourage” us.Therefore, a cup of milk coffee is not strong enough to “cheer me up”, I need something more powerful to sharpen my senses. Suddenly, the taste of an egg coffee cups comes out my mind, so, I rush to Giang coffee.

Giang coffee has been familiar with people in Hanoi as since the French colonial period as the “characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine". The single-word name of the shop is named after the boss, who is also the owner of egg coffee recipe, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang.  It sounds powerful but the shop is only located in a small alley which is big enough for only 2 persons to go through smoothly.

Mr. Giang did work as a bartender at Hanoi Sofitel Metropole under French colonialism. Giang coffee was firstly opened on Cau Go Street in 1946. Then, it was moved to Hang Gai Street and separated into two houses on Nguyen Huu Huan and Yen Phu street till now.

Hiding from the hustle and bustle of Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Giang coffee own a traditional-oriented space. The shop itself seems to illustrate that it underwent a certain period of time, from the steps of red brick to the small tables, chairs, the glasses, the plates, etc.

The simple decoration does not only prove its own attraction but also give visitors the coziness. Thus, an “ancient” Hanoi suddenly reappears in everyone's mind.

Like any other famous coffee shops at that time, Giang had enough "black", "brown" coffee (coffe with milk and without milk) but it became a “big name” by the egg coffee. At first, there is no relation between these two ingredients.  As a result, I’m not the only one who are doubtful about this special kind of coffee when visiting the shop for the first time. However, after “giving it a try”, I fully understand why this dish is widely spoken.

Surprisingly, the egg yolks and coffee create a wonderful taste after being mixed to make the cream. The egg yolks nearly exclude the bitterness of coffee to create tasteful sweetness  that can “wake up” the taste of visitors. Furthermore, the greasy and fragrant flavour of egg yolks also makes coffee more passionate. Two “unmatching” ingredients accidentally turn out to be “truely” matched .

Thus, the”weird” drink, which seemed not to be mixed, has ”conquered”  (literally) the heart of the visitors by the first sip. Generally, it’s not difficult to make a good egg cafe cup. However, to achieve “perfection”, the bartenders are not only required choose eggs carefully but also added in their love and passionate when making it.

 “My father did create and develop that amazing recipe during the post-war social reform. Because milk was very rare at that time, my father used egg yolks instead of milk”. Mr. Hoa, Giang’s son said. 

Therefore, Giang coffee has been one of the most “eventual” destination of coffee “hunger”, in general, and foreign tourists to Hanoi, in particular.

On a social network, this Vietnamese egg coffee recipe has received numerous “tremendous” compliments from foreign visitors. Sharing on Tripadvisor, Cheryl.W said: “We can not find this special coffee in any countries else”. Besides, “this is the most amazing coffee that I have ever tried. Believe in me! You should give it a try if you visit Hanoi”. Lee.s, said on Instagram, or even, egg coffee could be seen as a human creation, to Sondra. M.

Recently, Giang cafe has whisked eggs with other ingredients such as cocoa, matcha, green beans eggs,.etc.  But to me, you must order egg coffee if you come over Giang.

It’s absolutely ideal to sip a cup of egg coffee during the cold weather. To enjoy the full taste, you should sip it when it is still warm. Stiring these two “strangers" gently till they blend together, taking a little sip, sharing stories of daily life and moderately eating sunflower seeds, you will see that day comes easily.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017