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Tan Lap Floating Village, also known as Tan Lap melaleuca forest is situated in Moc Hoa District, Long An Province, about 100 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The road to come here is pretty smooth and easy to find.

From Ho Chi Minh city, you go along Highway 1 to Tan An (Long An), then turn right to Highway 62 leading to Moc Hoa. In Moc Hoa, you ask the local people about the way to Tan Lap floating village, everyone will be enthusiastic showing it for you.

You can come to in Tan Lap in one or two days at weekends. This is a fairly new address on the tourist map, but is quite an appealing destination of the tourists because they come here to feel relaxed, immerse in the green nature of melaleuca forest as well as to get rid of the burdens of life in the hustling urban.


Accommodation service has not been exploited in Tan Lap; therefore, you can rent hostels, hotels in Kien Tuong town 5 km far away if your would like to reaches other places. Room prices here are very affordable, about 50,000-70,000 VND/ night. If you commute in one day, it does not need to rent a room.

The Ecotourism destination on Tan Lap floating village
Apart from that, if you are traveling in a group, you can camp, sleep overnight in the mangrove forest, enjoy a barbecue party, make campfires, team-building ... You can contact the tourist center to rent the tents.

Recreation activities

The most outstanding feature of Tan Lap is that it is suitable for those who like to take pictures and enjoy the serenity. If you plan to visit a number of other places, you may Noi (Floating) Pagoda, medicinal garden or go shopping in Tan Hiep border gate nearby.

Discovering Tan Lap by boat
After purchasing the tickets (40,000 VND including rowing boat or 120,000 VND including motorboats), the boatmen, also the guide will take you to discover and learn about this huge wetland with lush vegetation, or can go sightseeing at blooming lotus pond though it is not as many lotus as in Tram Chim (Dong Thap) ...

The watchtower in Tan Lap
Passing this swamp, in font of your eyes is a large space of mangrove forest - a familiar scene of people in the West rivers. The highlight of the Melaleuca forest is the 38 m high watchtower where you admire the panoramic grandeur, immense forests and the longest cement path through the melaleuca forest in Vietnam (about 5 km).

Along the way, you will feel the cool space of green forests, the freshness of the nature with the smells of mud, duckweed, grass, moss ... In the quiet and peaceful scenery, it is ideal to spread your arms, take a deep breath to get the fresh spirit and continue to the next journey.

At the forks of the road through the forest, there are boats that will take you to visit the next point, the lotus pond area. You should go to Tan Lap in October and November to be able to watch the blooming lotus, breathe the pleasant scent of this pure flowers.

The longest path passing melaleuca forest in Vietnam
Cuisine and souvenirs

Food and cuisine services are not available in Tan Lap; therefore, to make the trip more enjoyable, you should prepare and bring food to have a snack at the stops in the tourism sector. Some shops sell souvenirs, here, tourists can visit and choose for themselves the most suitable gifts.

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