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Situated in Cam Ranh city (Khanh Hoa province), Binh Ba Island is famous for the simile name "Island of lobster" with the richness of this small but relatively unspoiled island. Additionally, Binh Ba is gradually being developed and become a popular tourist attraction. In recent years, people on the island has been use to seeing the tourists from far away to set foot on the harbor, excitedly explore each of the great advantages of the unspoiled island.

The pristine Binh Ba island

1. Easy to come

About 15 km away from Cam Ranh port in Nha Trang City, in order to come to this beautiful little island, tourists have to travel by boat in about 1 hour from Da Bac (Silver Stone) Island. Every day, there are 2 boats travelling from Cam Ranh to Binh Ba at 10.00am and 4:00 pm respectively, and from Binh Ba return to Cam Ranh at 5 am and 12:30am respectively, with the price of 15-20 VND/ ticket. However, visitors can also hire private ship if there are more people and if they do not want to wait.

2. Extremely blue sea

Characterized by unspoiled island, Binh Ba has many beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water reflecting the blue sky. These territorial waters have not been exploited with tourism services, so everything is pristine. The nature on the island provides tourists with a feeling of calm, relaxation which is extremely suitable to rest, keep away from the hustle of the city. In particular, the people here are very careful in protecting the habitats, the beaches, quays are very clean and almost no trashes.

The clean blue water at Binh Ba Island

3. Deserted beaches

Visitors has just come to Binh Ba for a few years, the amount is not excessive. The island has only about 700 households with 5,000 people. The cramped, crowded condition at the beach is completely absent here. You can delightedly soak your body in clean water, look at the vast sea and sky.

4. Beautiful view to see the sun

3 famous beaches in Binh Ba are Chuong Beach, Nom Beach and Nha Cu (The Old House) Beach. Each beach has its own character and attraction for tourists to explore depending on their preferences. If Chuong Beach is a beautiful place to see the sunrise, pitching a tent and enjoying the sunset at Bai Nom is also a clever choice. Nha Cu Beach is preferred because of quite deep clear water and romantic surroundings. Nha Cu Beach is also chosen to be a place to dive and see the coral reefs, or try catching fish.

Nha Cu Beach is a favorite place of many tourists

5. Friendly, hospitable fishermen

The services for tourists in Binh Ba are currently served by the local people, from renting accommodation to rest to hiring fishing boats to travel around the island, visit lobster and fish cages, and guiding to dive... But tourists come here are always assured and satisfied with the sincere, friendly behavior of the "hosts".

People on Binh Ba island are not only the fishermen but also the tour guides

6. Variety of seafood

After seeing the sunrise, you can follow the instructions to go to the local market, select yourselves fresh seafood and ask the local people to cook them into the delicious dishes. Squids here are thick and sweet, there are also all kinds of oysters and fish... processed into many dishes such as grilled, steamed, salad….

Binh Ba Island has a variety of fish and other seafood

Lobster is the specialty of Binh Ba, as well as the certain food tourists must eat while visiting there. With hundreds of lobster cages around the island, as well as the main means of livelihood of many households in Binh Ba, lobster’s price here is considered "basis price" with many ways of cooking in fishermen’s style

Binh Ba is known as ‘The Island of lobsters”

Seafood on Binh Ba Island are sold with quite cheap price, along with the hospitality, friendliness of local people, the cooking price is not expensive at all. The spontaneous services are even more reasonable.

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