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Not very far from Ho Chi Minh city and the cost low of travel and accommodation help Dong Nai to become a favourite destination of the youth in the weekends or 1- day holidays.

1. Mai Waterfall

From the territory of Tan Phu Forest, along the winding trail about 8km (and about 20km from Highway 20), visitors will come to Mai waterfall and forest resort (Dinh Quan - Dong Nai ). This waterfall is called Mai waterfall because in the spring, the waterfall is as winding in the apricot blossom petals.

Mai waterfall does not have the currents rushing from above
Mai Waterfall does not have the currents rushing from above but curving gently through the low cliffs so they look like the rapids. After conquering the rapids and cliffs, taking some pictures of the waterfalls with the different shapes, dipping in the cool waters, having an outdoor party with prepared dishes on the flat rock will make your trip more interesting.

Apart from the waterfall, this landscape enchants visitors with Da Ban (Table Rock), where keeps traces of the giant hand attached to the love story about half of knightly hero Knhut of Ma ethnic and natural hot mineral water stream.
The flat rock in Mai waterfall
2. Long Khanh Fruits Garden

From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors travel along Highway 1 approximately 80km to the northeast, past the Me Bong Con Pass then you will reach Long Khanh (Dong Nai), the region famous for fruits in Dong Nai province.

Long Khanh orchard is considered the source of fruits in the Southeast of Vietnam
Annually, tourism activities in Long Khanh fruit garden are busiest around May, June in lunar calendar. Coming here at this time, visitors can freely see and enjoy the clusters of red ripen rambutan, orange and mandarin, dark purple mangosteen hidden in the leaves, the faintly redolent of durian in the wind.

There are two alternatives to "enjoy" the orchard. One is the service to eat the fruits freely (until you are full) in the garden. The other is to buy the whole tree, if you do not eat all, the garden owner will pick the left fruits for you to bring home (this option is very beneficial when travelling in large groups).

The rambutan tree laden of fruits
Besides the garden tour, Long Khanh has other attractive places that you can visit such as Suoi Tre Cultural Area, Hang Gon ancient tomb, Long Khanh victory monument ...

2. Ba Chong Stone

From Dau Giay T- junction, along Highway 20 to Da Lat direction of about 40km, visitors will encounter 3 wanderous rocks overlapping each other. Ba Chong has a height of 36m above the ground, the stone on the top justs out over the road as "threatening" pedestrians.

Ba Chong landscape is, in fact, the three rocks overlapping each other
Besides Ba Chong stone is Da (Rock) mountain which the people also call Bach Tuong mountain because the shape of this mountain is like two elephants lying prostrate. On top of the mountain is the Shakyamuni Buddha statue of 20m high. Opposite the Rocks, Hon Dia is like a dish located on a small boulder of 43 meters higher than the ground. People categorize Rock mountain, Hon Dia, Ba Chong stone and hundreds of large and small rocks into a group and call them Ba Chong mountain landscape (three rocks overlapping each other).
The Shakyamuni Buddha statue on top of Rock Mountain
Because the 3 stones overlap quite precariously, so there is no way to conquer this site. The only way to explore Ba Chong mountain is to go along the trail, then the narrow stairs leading to the top of Rock Mountain where there is the Buddha statue, and capture in your eyes the scenic beauty and rich features of the land. Then, on the way down the mountain, you can stop at the flat rocks, give an outdoor "party" and enjoy the feeling of seeing everything from above.

4 Cheap Tourist Attractions for Your Picnic in Dong Nai

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