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Sapa is an incredibly ideal tourist destination for travelers to mingle with the beautiful and majestic natural scenery and minority villages with extremely unique culture. Visiting Sapa, you should not forget to memorize the beautiful scenery here or enjoyable moments through beautiful pictures. Here are the famous places you should visit and take photos with friends and relatives ....

Beautiful Places to Take Pictures when Travelling to Sapa

1. The town of Sapa & Villages of ethnic minorities

Coming to Sapa, tourists usually go to Sapa town, go to the markets and villages of ethnic minorities to visit the scenery, the daily working life of local people. The houses are hidden in the morning mist, the hidden trails are faded by the downy, it can be said that, the feeling of going into the everyday life of people in Sapa is not different from that of discovering a strange world. The beauty of nature, lifestyle and culture which can not be found elsewhere of local people will make your travel more attractive and interesting.
Many couples travelling to Sapa and taking wedding photographs have chosen the town, or the life of the minority villages to be the main topics of their photo album. The bride and groom wear the traditional costumes of ethnic minorities, take part in everyday activities of local people such as weaving, planting cotton and so on. If you want to take this kind of wedding photography, you should go to some villages including Cat Cat , Ta Phin, Lac Village, Ta Van, Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Cau May...

Beautiful Places to Take Pictures when Travelling to Sapa

2. Topas Ecolodge

This only resort in the mountains of northern Vietnam is where you will have beautiful shots of sunset among immense nature. Topas Ecolodge is situated 18km from Sapa town and takes about 45 minutes travelling by bus. In remote villages of Sapa town, there are often no standard accommodation, restaurant and resort services; therefore, Topas Ecolodge is built as an ecotourism destination and a sightseeing area and is the only resort which meets standard of both Vietnamese and international tourists in Sapa.

This is a well located resort, that is, it is located on top of two hills deep in the magnificent Sapa valley, surrounded by vast terracing, rolling mountains, the villages of ethnic minorities. Therefore, this center resort are preferred by many tourists thanks to the comfort, convenience, but close to the daily lives of local residents. Many newly married couples spend their honeymoon here. In addition, a number of couples also come here to take the beautiful wedding photos bearing the typical features of Sapa.

3. Tinh Yeu (Love) Waterfall

In addition to Bac (Silver) waterfall, Sapa has Love waterfall which is no less beautiful. Love Fall is a famous waterfall located in the commune of San Sa Ho, 14 km from the center of Sapa town to the southwest. This is the starting point of the journey to conquer Phansipan peak of more than 3 thousand meters high. To reach Love Waterfall, visitors must go deep into the forest, through lush bamboo forest to find the way. Along the roadsides, forest flowers, especially azaleas blooming in March make the road to Love waterfall more colorful and lively. It can be said that, it is impossible to find another the picture as beautiful as the nature here. As you reach the red earth path leading to Suoi Vang, you will also encounter many other wonderful scenery that you can only see on movies. Coming to the upstream is possible to witness the Love Waterfall.

Love Waterfall has an altitude of 100m. Seen from a distance, Love Waterfall is picturesque. Therefore, in recent years, Love Waterfall has been put into operation with tourism service in tour Sapa - Lao Cai. So, when coming to Sapa, in addition to Silver Falls, today, visitors can also explore Love Waterfall. There also have been many young couples coming here to take wedding photos. And in the future, Love Waterfall will be definitely a renowned place to take wedding photographs in Sapa. Taking wedding photographs in Love Waterfall will give you different, unique and beautiful photos.

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