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From the North to the South, each part of the country features its own cuisine which is different from each other. Let’s discover dishes you should not miss when putting your steps on the Central land of Vietnam.

Nem chua (Fermented pork roll) – Thanh Hoa

Nem chua Thanh Hoa has been famous for a long time. Most of the tourists travelling to this land wish to try several ones with a fresh glass of beer or buy to bring home as gift for their family or relatives. Nem is made from raw meat, pork skin and indispensable spices such as pepper, garlic, chilli and then wrapped with banana leaves.

Eel porridge – Nghe An

Eel porridge Nghe An is delicious because it is processed from eels taken from fields which are small but the meat is tight and fragrant. Eel porridge in Nghe An is not only preferred by local people but also satisfy most of the hard – to- please tourists. A bowl of eel porridge is yellow, bold with typical spices. In addition, the eel porridge in Nghe An is also processed into many other dishes such as grilled, steamed, cooked with vermicelli, fried with lemon grass ...

Ram – Ha Tinh

 In Quang Binh, ram is only served with sauce; in Da Nang, it is served with borecole, in Ha Tinh ram is served with “banh muot”. “Banh muot” is another name for the same type of stuffed pancake in the north. Ha Tinh has cleverly combined “banh muot” with ram.

Khoai deo (Sticky sweet potato) - Quang Binh

With the characteristics of sunshine and wind, Quang Binh owns unique specialties including “khoai deo”. It is usually made from red sweet potatoes, dried for about 10 times. The dish is rustic but tinged with the soul of Quang Binh people and very nutritious.

Vat giuong soup – Quang Tri

Vat giuong soup is a popular dish you could enjoy any time and find anywhere in this historic land. This soup is very special. It is not cooked from rice as normal soup. A handful of “vat giuong”, a bit aromatic snakehead meat and cilantro, spices and broth are enough for a delicious dish.

Mussel rice – Hue

Mussel rice is rustic and simple from materials to processing. Cooked white rice is taken out to the bowl and left to be cool. Afterwards, mussel meat, crispy greaves, bean sprouts and peanuts are put onto the rice.

Bun mam – Da Nang

Bun mam Da Nang is special because it is processed carefully. Fish sauce must be anchovies sauce which is thoroughly salted but only medium cooked. This fish sauce is also mixed with spices such as pepper, garlic, sugar. Bun mam Danang can be served with boiled meat, nem chua, or roasted pork.

Quang Noodle – Quang Nam

Quang noodles are made from sliced rice paper, the core if various from beef, pork, catfish. Indispensible ingredients of Quang noodles include crushed paper rice, peanut and vegetables.

Sea echinus – Quang Ngai

Sea echinus can be processed into many dishes from stewed, steamed to grilled dishes. People also make echinus sauce to dip with vermicelli or pork stuffed with rice paper.

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