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Banh hoi – Binh Dinh

Banh hoi is a traditional and rustic dish of people in Binh Dinh. Banh hoi, at the first glance, looks like super small vermicelli made from rice flour and drizzled with a little oil with chopped chives leaves. Banh hoi is served with grilled meat or pig’s intestine.

The eyes of tuna - Phu Yen

This is a must try dish when travelling to Phu Yen because it is the only place where you can find this unique dish. The eyes of tune have a quite large size and the way to process this dish of people in Phu Yen is also special. The eyes will be put into a heated pot and, added some kinds of herbs, vegetables and spices and then cooked.

Jellyfish vermicelli - Khanh Hoa

Jellyfish vermicelli in Khanh Hoa is one of the popular and nutritious dishes. Jellyfish vermicelli includes ear jellyfish, leg jellyfish with mackerel paste, onion oil, and tasty broth from shrimp sauce and mackerel meat.

Banh can – Ninh Thuan

Banh can is made from sticky rice flour and baked in an earthenware mold. It’s the baking tray that keeps the crust crispy and fragrant and the core soft and mushy. Banh can can be enjoyed alone, or served with eggs, shrimp, squid, and beef inside... depending on the taste of each person.

Banh trang mam ruoc (Rice paper with shrimp sauce) – Binnh Thuan 

Banh trang mam ruoc has become a popular dish in Central provinces, but in Binh Thuan, people grill rice paper in a unique way. Rice paper is stuffed with shrimp sauce and added quail eggs, spring rolls, fried fish and green onion and then grilled on charcoal. Upon being cooked, processors will use a small bamboo and roll in order to wrap all ingredients in the lovely wrapper.

Vegetable salad – Kon Tum

Vegetable salad with 40-50 leaves from the familiar, such as perilla, fig leaf... to the extremely strange such as chum ruot leave, chua leave, etc. Served with leaves is boiled and sliced bacon, sliced carp, pork skin, boiled shrimp.

Dried deer meat – Dak Lak

Deer meat is processed into many dishes, but the most special are grilled deer, vinegar – dipped deer and dried dip.

Dot May – Dak Nong

Dot may and la bep fried with beef are traditional dishes of people in Dak Nong. La bep and dot may are leaves taken from the forest and processed carefully.

Ruou can (wine) – Lam Dong

Ruou can in Lam Dong is a specialty which is totally different from that in other areas. Ferment to make alcohol is an especially one made from some plants such as Dong Patoi, DongWong, etc. combined with the ferment of Kzut and brown rice.

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