The Photos Make You Feel Overwhelmed about Son Doong Cave Brian Vu Monday, June 6, 2016 No Comment

Son Doong cave in Vietnam has become a famous destination in the country thanks to its surreal beauty attracting traveler from all over the world come to discover.

Located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province, Son Doong is known as the biggest cave in the world which is considered by the American that can contains the Washington Monument inside. The largest area in the grotto can be an airfield for 2 Boeing 747 planes.

This world’s largest cave in Vietnam was described by many international travel magazines and TV channels as one of cannot-be-missed destination thanks to its surreal and majestic beauty.

With a length of almost 9 km, Son Doong Cave is like containing different world with its own climate, ecosystem, flora and fauna.

The ceiling of the cave has two large holes where sunlight and rainwater passes through, creating a forest with unique flora and fauna in the grotto.

The array of stalactites here looks like a petrified waterfall covered with moss, creating a wonderful setting in Son Doong.

This huge cave is believed to be formed about 2-5 million years ago. Inside the cave, there is a 2.5km long underground river and a 70m high stalactite column.

The scene of Son Dong is magical like a fairyland.

Exploring Son Doong, visitors should spend a night under the sink holes to admire the incredible scenery starry sky like in a movie about prehistoric times.

Every corner of the cave is forest of stalactites with full beam shapes that give travelers the feeling like being lost in a matrix of nature.

Every moment, every angle of the sunlight reflect in the cave give it a different beauty, that visitors will cherish every precious moment to be discovering Son Doong.

The unique rocks in pearl shaped in the cave formed by the accumulation and erosion after thousands years.

The huge scale of the Son Doong makes it not easy to conquer this grotto, requiring travelers to have good stamina.

The scene seemed unreal on the earth of Son Doong has attracted many explorers from all over the world come to discover.

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