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Hon Lon Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses 5 Vietnam. The journey to this island will be an interesting discovery where you can experience mountains, forests and the sea.

Travelers should weak up early in the morning to prepare for the trip and observe the mesmerizing sunset in Nha Trang.

Visitors can embark the ship TL216 of the Maritime Assurance Company to enter the Nha Trang Bay and start the trip.

After nearly two hours sailing, the ship will reach Bich Dam Island, the most remote island of Nha Trang, located in Hon Tre island group. Bich Dam is a peaceful fishing village situated amongst the blue water all year round like a jade of the ocean.

From Bich Dam, along a small path, travelers can reach the top of the island - where the Hon Lon Lighthouse stands. The path is quite far (about 4 km), so visitors need a good stamina for the journey.

But in return, visitors will be rewarded by the majestic natural scenery. From atop, travelers can enjoy the pristine look of the mountains, forest and the sea.

Previously, the only path to the Hon Lon Lighthouse is a dirt road, make it difficult to reach. Now it has been concreted that good enough to move easily motorcycles.

The grandeur of the sea and the sky

The steep cliffs along the way create a dreamy scene of the island.

Hon Lon Lighthouse is horning out front. After nearly an hour of climbing, travelers will reach the old lighthouse, where offer a scenic view over the Nha Trang Bay.

The lighthouse is located on the island of Bich Dam, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. The building of the lighthouse has a square of about 750m2

The Hon Lon Lighthouse tower is 16m high, painted with 2 main colors are black and white.

Hon Lon Lighthouse have an effect of showing the location of Bich Dam Island, helping fishing boats and ships of Khanh Hoa to locate the position of Nha Trang port.

This is one of the 5 oldest Vietnam lighthouses, built in 1890 from the French Colonial era.

Nha Trang Bay view from the Hon Lon Island.
The guards have to live and work right at Hon Lon Lighthouse, to ensure the 24/24 operation of maritime way. There is a great shortage of fresh water on the island, especially during the dry season.

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