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With endless sand dunes, picturesque goats and sheep fields, Ninh Thuan is like "Mongolia of Vietnam". Even, the life of nomads in Ninh Thuan also makes people think of the beautiful Mongolian steppes.
Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

Ninh Thuan doesn’t have only blue Ninh Chu beach, flawless Cham Po Garai towers looks, Bau Truc pottery village famous for being the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia, Nam Cuong sand hill which is as beautiful as a brilliant colorful silk carpet… but also attracts tourists with the ravishing sheep fields.

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For travelers who have passion in exploring and adventure, the mountain goats and white sheep in Ninh Thuan will bring them irresistible attraction. Here, visitors will have opportunities to watch the sheep grazing on the vast fields, or wandering the sandy soil and dust as well as learn, discover the life of the nomads.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

The extreme conditions of climate and terrain, the burning hot and dry soil, burning wind, drought ... are the ideal conditions to nurture and care for goats and sheep.

Sheep are raised in the districts of Thuan Bac, Thuan Nam, Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuoc ... In these areas, visitors easily encounter goats, sheep everywhere. Sheep are grazed leisurely grazing in the fields or running here and there and sounding "be be" loud. Or they can run in large farms, on the village roads, highways and mountain areas.

In Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan), people has raised sheep for meat for more than 100 years. Ninh Thuan fleece is not very clean and white because the sheep have to paddle in shallow water, hunt for food in the fields and are not showered. However, dusty look, burning sandy, even black color of sheep in Ninh Thuan suit this sunny and windy land.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

The most beautiful, the largest sheep field in Ninh Thuan is considered the one located in An Hoa village, Xuan Hai commune, Ninh Hai district. Witnessing the gentle sheep grazing slowly surrounded by majestic mountains, romantic lakes located between trees and green grass, tourists will certainly be attracted and enchanted.

There are thousand of sheep in An Hoa. Whenever being unleashed, sheep go into herds which are as long as a military operations, churning up dust causing people to imagine the mighty horse's hooves in distant southern Mongolia steppe. Therefore, photographers, as well as travelers are very interested travel to this place to watch and take pictures of the sheep field in Phan Rang and soak up in the nomadic life of the shepherd.
Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

If you want to experience a day in the life of the nomads, you are advised to go to the sheep field from around 6:30 - 7 pm to meet, chat, interact and become familiar with the "butler" of the sheep farm as well as the gentle sheep.

From 8 in the morning, when the dew has dried, the sun rises, people will open the cages to lead the sheep to the field to graze until 11 am. You'll see a spectacular scene when dozens, even hundreds of sheep bursting out, running and bleating as waking the new day. Then, we will have "breakfast" in the pasture.

Astonished at The Mongolian Beauty in Vietnam

When the sun starts scorching, sheep will drink water and rest in a field of grass. From 2-5 in the afternoon, the shepherd would drive them to other pastures to have "lunch". At dusk, the sun gradually sets in the distant mountains, sheep are driven back to the farm to have a light meal which consists of planted grass or cut grass to supply nutrition for sheep.

Despite the difficulties, the life of nomads here is natural and peaceful. There are only people with trees, with gentle animals, there is no hustle and noise of real life. Because, not everyone can have the opportunity to "enjoy" the peaceful space, the characteristic smell of sheep fields between a quiet wilderness surrounded by meadows, majestic mountains./.

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