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20 km away from Hanoi to the west, Cu Da Ancient Village in Cu Khe Commune, Thanh Oai district is an attractive tourist site for the weekend.

Cu Da ancient village is a tourist destination in Hanoi for those who love to learn architecture or the history of Vietnam, the traditional villages, or simply come here to have relaxing moments for their soul to fall into peaceful setting.

The village has not only traditional houses n Vietnamese style but also ancient two-storey houses in French style built a hundred years ago. Many old trees, pavilions, temples, village entrance, the old houses remain in the village ... makes the visitors feel like going back in the old time.

The whole village is situated on the bank of the Nhue River, which is an evidence to the views of the ancients "the most convenient location is nearby the market, the second is nearby a river”. Good location for trading brought prosperity to the village. The heyday of the village is in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

The structure of the village was planned in the form of fish bones. From the main village’s road, many smaller alleys radiate and lead to groups of houses. The pier of Nhue river was once a bustling market place. Cu Da villagers built two columns, on which the two stone frog-shaped lights shined to mark the boat dock.

In the village, most of the houses are Western-style, or with a combination of East-West style.
In addition to the house, Cu Da Ancient Village also has many temples, pagodas and shrines which are ranked national heritage.

The village is also famous for its traditional handicraft of cellophane noodles (glass noodle) making. Every day there are 9-10 tonnes are produced, making the lives of the people here extremely busy.
In the sunny days, the roads in the village seem to be dyed in yellow colour of glass noodle. People still carry glass noodle to sell everywhere and that makes the village still hustling and bustling as the old time.

The village is also famous for soybean sauce – which becomes a good brand name in the market. This handicraft appeared at the same time with the birth of the village.

To get delicious soybean sauce, there are lots of meticulous stages in production. The sticky rice is dried under sunshine to prepare for the sauce making process. The fragrant yellow bean jars also plays an important role when used clean tap water. No wonder why there’s an ancient saying "best soybean sauce is in Cu Da".

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