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Eco Palms House, Sapa

Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai village with view overlooking the Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the stunning Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House has 5 bungalows, each is designed as the feature houses of ethnic minorities living here, including Mong, Dao (Red), Tay, Gia and Xa Pho.

All of bungalows are beautifully designed with nature materials such as wood, bamboo and thatch roof ... creating a cool atmosphere in the summer and a warm space in the winter as well as a great view of the beautiful paddy fields.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge Hotel, An Giang

The hotel is regarded as the most luxurious hotel in An Giang, hidden amidst the pristine natural scenery and surrounded by canals and ancient temples.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is built according to the minimalist and modern style that has the harmonious beauty with natural scenery surrounding. The hotel attracts tourists by its simple appearance rather than the luxury furniture. Also, the interior of the hotel is designed and decorated in the gentle and exquisite style with high ceiling, floor tile, wooden furniture and the warm red tone.
Especially, each room has door, which is designed in French style that leads to the private outdoor 12m²- balcony area with good view overlooking an open space of the romantic rice fields below.

Mai Chau Lodge Hoa Binh

Lying amidst the dense of mountains of Mai Chau, Mai Chau Lodge Hoa Binh appears as the beautiful green oasis, with nice room fully equipped amenities, and perfect services. The hotel makes a strong impression in first sight of tourists by the lush green space of trees, mountains and fragrant rice fields.

When staying in Mai Chau Lodge, you will have great experiences with day tour to visit ethnic villages, discover the daily life, the customs and cultures of the ethnic groups living in the North of Vietnam, participate in the unique markets and enjoy special foods of the mountain area in Vietnam. And you also can connect your trip to Pu Luong Nature Reserve if interested.

Heron House Hoi An

Heron House Hoi An is located amidst the peaceful scenery of the countryside of Hoian, where has endless rice fields, atmospheric space and especially it is located quite near Cua Dai beach. This is one of the quiet places and suitable for those who have intend to go flee! You may have a bit difficult to find the hotel, but when coming here you will have a true relaxing space. 

Rooms of the Heron House are designed with spacious space, and fully equipped with amenities, beautifully decorated. Also, Heron House has large and spacious patio with a small group of table and chair on-site for tourists to admire scenery. In front of the hotel, there are enormous rice fields creating a peaceful space for tourists to relax completely and escape from the busy life outside.

Topas Ecolodge

About 1hr-drive from Sapa town, Topas Ecolodge Resort appears in the middle of the beautiful natural scenery with white clouds and majestic mountains that can enchant anyone here. On a lush green hill, Topas Ecolodge consists of 25 bungalows, which are built by white granite, lovely thatched-roof that have the harmonious beauty with nature surrounding. 

This resort seems to take you into an isolated world from the hustle and noise of the daily life so that you can free to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of nature and feel the pace of slow life that is quite exotic and full of interesting things to discover every day.

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