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Tram Mountain is not too high but beautiful with large lively rocks, this is a suitable location for short camping trips that you do not have to go too far from Hanoi

Tram Mountain  is located in Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, about 30 km from Hanoi center. To get here, you can drive along Highway 6, to the town of Chuc Son, Chuong My district then turn right to Tram Pagoda. Take the small road to the foothills, park your vehicle here and start climbing.

Tram mountain charm is stretched trails and bumpy white cliffs. It pops up a charming poetic beauty.
Tram Mountain is not high but there are many steep and craggy cliffs. So you need to be tough if you want to conquer the 5 mountains. A pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes will be necessary to secure climbing, avoid slipping or tripping.

When reached the top, you can enjoy fresh natural space, listen to whisper of wind, watch the whole scene of fields and peaceful villages. The green pastures stretching between the mountains creating a poetic valley.

This is a beautiful place and very suitable for picnics during the day or overnight camping. If you stay overnight, you will be immersed in the magical scenery at sunset or watch the white fog up at dawn.

If you hesitate to bring more bulky items, foothills rental shops have enough things like tents, lamps, stoves, grills, bowls ... Tents for 4 people costs 100,000 VND (4 USD) per night, 2 persons costs 70,000 VND (3 USD) per night, utensils from 15,000 VND (0.6 USD).

To picnic here, do not forget to prepare delicious food for the barbeque dining experience on the mountain like bacon, meat skewers, chicken wings, sausages, vegetables ... 

Come to the Tram Mountain, you not only can go camping, relaxing, but also can take photos with shimmering beauty like being in the rocky plateau of Dong Van, Ha Giang, Moc Chau etc.

Beyond Tram Mountain, you can feel free to explore other charming natural and historical sites in Hanoi with our tours here

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