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With primitive beauty which is fully covered by spectacular nature, Phu Ninh Lake is dubbed “the green gem” among the harsh land of Central Vietnam.

Located about 7 km from Tam Ky city, Quang nam province, Phu Ninh Lake is favoured by local people and named dearly “green gem”. Amid sweltering hot weather and blazing sun in Central, Phu Ninh lake is amazing with its green space, rich vegetation, beautiful mountains, many magnificent oasis between immense waves.

Phu Ninh lake is surrounded by casuarina forests, rolling mountains, poetic streams... and the stunning green colour stretching to infinity. Coming to Phu Ninh lake, you will feel the wild beauty, cool, unique natural scenery which is not inferior to any famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. It is even named "the Paradise Maldives " of Quang Nam by many backpackers.

Phu Ninh lake has about 30 large and small islands and islets such as Turtle Island, Monkey Island ... Once on the boat, the journey to discover paradise Quang Nam becomes ever more mysterious. Cool breeze in the face, warm voice of the female tour guide are so attractive and captivating.

And yet, here you can also explore the hot water sprayed directly from the lake bottom, via a rubber tube to serve tourists. Hot water is circulated all day and night, whenever you are here at any time of the day, you can still enjoy the hot water from the lake. And in the cool streams with clean crystal water, you will feel the essence of heaven and earth when let your bare foot under the water.

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Once coming to Phu Ninh, you can not give up on halfway because the lake’s beauty is like a girl at her best: sexy, shy but charming and captivating. The cavalier feeling of sitting on the boats, watching your reflection under water or experience a night in the lake with the fanciful fog, listening to mysterious stories will be unforgettable memories.

Visiting Phu Ninh Lake, visitors not only can admire the rich ecosystem, spacious green space, but also discover the famous historical places and monuments like Khanh Tho fobbiden forest, Three Trees Cave, Lay Pond, Ky Thinh, Cam Khe and the Ky Anh tunnel area - one of the famous legend of the war in the ground from the last century.

Do not forget to enjoy the fresh carp living in the lake. Especially in the moonlit night, it is amazing to go camping, light a fire, go fishing and grill your achievement right on the lake side. Phu Ninh Lake’s carp is very delicious, fresh and carp salad is one of the delicacies difficult to miss. If lucky, you can catch fish that weighs tens of kilogram.

If you want to enjoy all the beauty of Phu Ninh lake, continue driving up the road Tam Lanh. Standing on this path, you will have a panoramic view over the lake. Rolling mountains and forest, the sound of birds, the sound of gurgling streams will dispel the inner problems – you just want to stand here alone to embrace forever Phu Ninh, to see the gentle peaceful and relaxing heart.

The combination between earth and sky, water and mountain in a lesser-known place would be a meaningful trip that you have not experienced before. That is a stunning picture of small houses with little smoke from cooking, sun gradually sets among a quiet space. You must go to Phu Ninh Lake at least once to enjoy a new sense of poetic beauty of the "heaven" between the scorching sun in the central region.

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