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Leaving bustling Ho Chi Minh City, we entered the Ma Da forest to cope with a challenge that was not easy: a 25km bike ride through the forest.

From the city centre, we boarded the bus towards Ma Da forest, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. After about an hour and 30 minutes, we reached the edge of the forest, where we prepared the ride.

The gathering point is a vacant lot. Mountain bikes had been transported to the place before we arrived. People quickly got the bike that fits them most.

Before riding, we were given two bananas and a bottle of mineral water. Bananas are very good for energy recovery after intense exercise.

The total length of our journey was about 25 km, which was both gravel road and trail in the deep forest. The first leg of the journey was relatively pleasant.

Along the way there were many small streams crossing the road. The feeling of biking through the streams, the cool splashing water is very interesting.

The edge of forest is still inhabited by many residents. They cultivate, reclaim and plant forests. In the photo, you are crossing the mango orchard of the locals.

Sharp bends started to appear more and more. The girls in the group were also very strong with good skill of biking and good endurance.

The two sides of the road are green forest, so even though the sky is hot, the air is still cool. The more deeply into the forest, the thicker the trees, the narrower the road and the darker the sky because of dense trees above.

Although the group divided into several small groups, people still try to keep certain distance. At each track, there were instructions from the guide. After getting out of the dark forest, we reached the red earth road. Do not think the challenge is over, because now the challenge really begins.

Muddy roads appeared. The scattered rain forest left the muddy roads, many sections could not be passed by bike but we could walk only. Walking is a safe option because if you try to pass, you might fell into mud and get dirty, as it was very slippery.

After nearly 3 hours in the forest, the first group reached the edge of the forest. Everyone was excited and happy after having a great experience. Although very tired, people were still fresh and everyone laughed together.

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