A Romantic Da Lat for Wandering Trips Brian Vu Sunday, May 28, 2017 No Comment

Tourists can not explore an impressively poetic Da Lat just by wandering the city.

Perhaps, many tourists ask themselves some common questions such as how long does it take to explore the beauty of Da Lat? What is the most attractive place in this poetic land?..etc. They seem to be hard to answer because Da Lat is alluring with its own natural and simple things, from the wild flowers along the roads to the sunlights in the early morning.

While travelers may have “crush” on living pine trees and magnificent waterfalls, I deeply fall in love with all belong to this beautiful land. I can spend hours enjoying the beauty of Tuyen Tam lake, nesting myself at a comfortable blanket with a cup of coffee at the balcony to welcome the very first sunlight of the day.

Attracting travelers with foggy and untouched beauty, Da Lat seems to have magics that urge us to explore “right away”. Instead of hurrying to visit famous tourist attractions here, you might hire a motorbike, making your own journey to get to the most exhilarating paradises of this amazing land.

Get there, you can totally immerse yourself in the peace of nature thanks to the beautiful performance of winds and pine trees along the road. Then, these mischievous winds will lead you to the exhilarating waterfalls.

There are a significant number of impressive waterfalls in Dalat, namely Bao Dai, Pongour, Cam Ly,..etc. These waterfalls have their own beauties but share the gentle and poetic characteristics of this “fairly” land.

Da Lat definitely stays away from the urban life, maintains its own peace. It is the reason why tourists can feel the comfort in the soul when enjoying their holiday here.

It’s not a fun-filled trip to Da Lat if you only go around the city center. You should explore the alluring natural beauty of untouched suburb and immense pine forests.

Compared with the admirable purity of an embarrassed young girl, a romantic Da Lat has unintentionally mesmerized all visitors for the first time they get there. This beautiful city has brought back memorable experience for travelers, which intentionally forces them to come back for the next time.

Make full use of every minute you stay in Da Lat! It would be regretful if you do not greet the very first sunlight in the early morning and “say goodbye” to the last one at the end of the day. Exploring its beauty!

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