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Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city, coming to the Ao Chau hot summer days, you will be free to ride on the boat, watching the beautiful cloudless sky like water paintings and quiet space to the heart.

Located 140 km from Hanoi towards National Highway 2, Ao Chau lagoon is located on the territory of three communes and towns of Y Son, Am Ha, Ha Hoa (Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province).

The lagoon covers an area of about 300ha, including 99 lagoon niches, and bends along the mountains into beautiful curves. Each niche of the lagoon has its own charm for you to explore. In particular, Ao Chau has nearly 100 large and small islands distributed throughout the lake.

Leisurely Wandering Ao Chau Lagoon, Phu Tho in Summer Days

History of Ao Chau lagoon

Legend has it that, during the establishment of the country, the Hung Kings, when choosing a land to settle the capital, went to this land, where there were 99 hills and 99 watercourses. While seeing the sight here, King Hung and his followers encountered a fierce fight between the two golden buffaloes and then the buffaloes drowned in the lake. From this legend, Ao Chau Lagoon is also known as Kim Nguu Lake meaning Golden Buffaloes Lake.

According to the people here, the formation of the swamp was carried out by the owner of the plant, Le Thuong Quat, during the construction of the irrigation system for Minh Hac field in the early 20th century. Later, people continued the work by connecting Vu Cau and Vu En to get water for irrigation in the six communes of Ha Hoa district, helping the crops for hundreds of hectares, therefore, it was precious as jewelry. It is the reason why the lagoon is called Ao Chau. This is a natural community that harmoniously combines mountains, grasses, birds, fruit and swamps.

Traveling on the lagoon

Today, when you come to Ao Chau, you will see a lush green lake with many litchi hills that are covered with canopy, tea hills, apricot hills... The lagoon opens with branches and niches surrounding the hills, there are even the branches that run deep into the foothills. The scenery here is interesting with the ancient architectural style including the moonshine house, eight- roof house, round houses with sharp roofs like the ancient towers.

Leisurely Wandering Ao Chau Lagoon, Phu Tho in Summer Days

Coming to Ao Chau Lagoon, tourists can float on the boats to admire the beauty of the sky, water, drop your soul into the poetic natural scenery, stop at the green island, walk in the shady lines of palm trees, listen to the clear song of stingers and other birds... and visit the fruitful gardens, enjoy the sweet scent of fruits in the Midlands ... or go fishing in quiet water areas ...

In the summer, visiting the islands, tourists can firsthand pick the bunch of red ripe litchi and enjoy on the spot. Sitting back in the shade of the trees, enjoying the sweetness of the fruit while listening to the birds singing, the sound of the fishermen knocking on their boat and feeling the aroma of the fruit… are the really interesting experiences.


Especially, food in Ao Chau is easy to please visitors. After a visit to Ao Chau lagoon, you can try the folk dishes such as: sticky rice cooked with palm fruits served with minced pigeon meat and black sesame salt….

Leisurely Wandering Ao Chau Lagoon, Phu Tho in Summer Days

Ao Chau lagoon has a lot of fish. Everyday, people here spread nets and catch many types of fish such as black carp, barb... which can weigh more than 10kg. With visitors who are interested in fishing and want to experience the feeling of fishing the black carp weighing 10- 15kg, this is an ideal point because from the shore, you can set up the fishing rod at any time.

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