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When traveling to Myanmar, food and accommodation is always a matter that visitors are concerned about. Our Myanmar travel experience will be share to you, so you can have the best trip to the country.


We like to eat food in Bagan and Inlay rather than Yangon. The food in the south (Yangon) is usually pale and has no specific taste, while the food in the Bagan& Inlay area (Northern & Central) has a distinct flavor.

Sure, sometimes a little salty.

You can order Burmese food or Chinese food.

During the journey, we often order fried rice, dry noodles, noodles and seafood.

You should not order the Shan noodles because it is very greasy and salty even though it is one of the famous dishes in Myanmar.

You should not order the Tea Leaf Salad because it is very bitter and difficult to eat although this is a daily dish of Myanmar people.

There are many suggestions to try traditional Myanmar dishes at the Feel Myanmar Restaurant - a very crowded restaurant (both tourists and local people) but perhaps due to improper taste so we do not like it very much. 

If you still want to go there, you should try the items related to curry – they seems to be more suitable and easy to try.

You may not believe it, but we found the food at the bus stop on intercity road better than eating in restaurants in big cities. You should try Chinese Food at these stations.

Unlike main dishes, beverages in Myanmar are very tasty and delicious especially fruit juices, fruit at very cheap prices.

In Bagan, you should try cane juice at 500kyat / a glass at temples, 1000kyat / a coconut (I bought 4 fruits at 3500kyat).

In Bagan, you should visit the Queen Restaurant (Bagan-Nyuang U, Bagan, Myanmar), food is quite delicious and cheap. An average meal (including drinking water) for four people is about between $ 12 to $ 14 (Free delicious dessert fruit and candy).

At Inle, the cost of a meal would be more expensive in Bagan and Yangon. We had a meal and two drinks for $ 9.5 on a floating restaurant in Inle.


In Yangon:

Being able to pay directly via a visa / mastercard saves you a lot of time. Otherwise, you can only pay for the booking through the western union.

The inn offers free breakfast with bread, toaster, fried eggs, milk and orange juice. You can order the pan cake for 2000kyat / unit.

They have 29 seat and 7 seat car to pick up at Yangon Airport and take guests from the inn to the airport. This is quite convenient because you will save a small amount of money for travel and time

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