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Quan Giang (Giang Coffee) and its egg coffee have become a “must-arriving” destination of many tourists in Hanoi. A cup of egg coffee of this shop seems to have magics to “mesmerize” any visitors.
As usual, I greet the coming week by waking up early, getting out of my house with my motorbike, then enjoying a good breakfast and sipping my coffee - my “crush”. I’m quite interested in the “hustle and bustle” of a new day when new ideas and experiences are approaching me.

However, the weather isn’t “hospitable” at all. In these days of March, it keeps drizzling all day amid gray sky. They are easy to “discourage” us.Therefore, a cup of milk coffee is not strong enough to “cheer me up”, I need something more powerful to sharpen my senses. Suddenly, the taste of an egg coffee cups comes out my mind, so, I rush to Giang coffee.

Giang coffee has been familiar with people in Hanoi as since the French colonial period as the “characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine". The single-word name of the shop is named after the boss, who is also the owner of egg coffee recipe, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang.  It sounds powerful but the shop is only located in a small alley which is big enough for only 2 persons to go through smoothly.

Mr. Giang did work as a bartender at Hanoi Sofitel Metropole under French colonialism. Giang coffee was firstly opened on Cau Go Street in 1946. Then, it was moved to Hang Gai Street and separated into two houses on Nguyen Huu Huan and Yen Phu street till now.

Hiding from the hustle and bustle of Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Giang coffee own a traditional-oriented space. The shop itself seems to illustrate that it underwent a certain period of time, from the steps of red brick to the small tables, chairs, the glasses, the plates, etc.

The simple decoration does not only prove its own attraction but also give visitors the coziness. Thus, an “ancient” Hanoi suddenly reappears in everyone's mind.

Like any other famous coffee shops at that time, Giang had enough "black", "brown" coffee (coffe with milk and without milk) but it became a “big name” by the egg coffee. At first, there is no relation between these two ingredients.  As a result, I’m not the only one who are doubtful about this special kind of coffee when visiting the shop for the first time. However, after “giving it a try”, I fully understand why this dish is widely spoken.

Surprisingly, the egg yolks and coffee create a wonderful taste after being mixed to make the cream. The egg yolks nearly exclude the bitterness of coffee to create tasteful sweetness  that can “wake up” the taste of visitors. Furthermore, the greasy and fragrant flavour of egg yolks also makes coffee more passionate. Two “unmatching” ingredients accidentally turn out to be “truely” matched .

Thus, the”weird” drink, which seemed not to be mixed, has ”conquered”  (literally) the heart of the visitors by the first sip. Generally, it’s not difficult to make a good egg cafe cup. However, to achieve “perfection”, the bartenders are not only required choose eggs carefully but also added in their love and passionate when making it.

 “My father did create and develop that amazing recipe during the post-war social reform. Because milk was very rare at that time, my father used egg yolks instead of milk”. Mr. Hoa, Giang’s son said. 

Therefore, Giang coffee has been one of the most “eventual” destination of coffee “hunger”, in general, and foreign tourists to Hanoi, in particular.

On a social network, this Vietnamese egg coffee recipe has received numerous “tremendous” compliments from foreign visitors. Sharing on Tripadvisor, Cheryl.W said: “We can not find this special coffee in any countries else”. Besides, “this is the most amazing coffee that I have ever tried. Believe in me! You should give it a try if you visit Hanoi”. Lee.s, said on Instagram, or even, egg coffee could be seen as a human creation, to Sondra. M.

Recently, Giang cafe has whisked eggs with other ingredients such as cocoa, matcha, green beans eggs,.etc.  But to me, you must order egg coffee if you come over Giang.

It’s absolutely ideal to sip a cup of egg coffee during the cold weather. To enjoy the full taste, you should sip it when it is still warm. Stiring these two “strangers" gently till they blend together, taking a little sip, sharing stories of daily life and moderately eating sunflower seeds, you will see that day comes easily.

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