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At annual Via festival commemorating Ba Chua Xu in An Giang from 22nd to 24th, April lunar calendar, both locals and tourists within and outside this province flock to Ba Chua Xu Pagoda to burn incense and pray for good health, good luck, and peace for themselves and family.

Situated at the foot of Sam Mountain, Nui Sam district, Chau Doc City (An Giang), 187 kilometers to the southwest of Saigon, Ba Chua Xu Pagoda is a popular a pilgrimage destination during Chinese Calendar of April.


Because the temple is not much far from Saigon, you definitely get there by coach, motorbikes or cars.

- Traveling by coach: I would recommend some transportation companies offering « comfortble » manners such as Phuong Trang and Hung Cuong with prices fluctuating  5$ - 7$ / person. You can stop at Chau Doc Bus Station, take a taxi or Phuong Trang's transit bus to Sam Mountain.

- Motorbike / car: If you travel by motorbike, you should follow the route :  National Highway 1A - Tien Giang – Bac My Thuan Bridge – National Highway 80 -  Vam Cong ferry – National Highway 91 - National Highway 91C – Sam Mountain. If you travel by car, you might get onto Trung Luong Express to get Tien Giang then follow the same route of motorbikes.

Accommodation: There are many hotels and guesthouses surrounding Sam Mountain but you should make a reservation to ensure that the room is available right you step onto the hotel. 

Schedule for the pilgrimage to Ba Chua Xu Pagoda

Day 1 : 

11 a.m : Gathering that the agreed destination

12 a.m: Starting the journey to Chau Doc – An Giang

6 :30 p.m: Buying vistit tickets of a dollar/ adult and half a dollar/ child. Completing check-in at the guesthouse near the pagoda (which we did book in advance), taking a short break, and preparing offerings.

7: 30 p.m: Pilgrims flock to the main worshipping hall to burn incense and pray. It has long been a popular activity in the pagoda in the evening.

8 p.m: You visit Sam Mountain 1$/turn by « Xe Om » priced at 1$/ turn. Additionally, you might make a visit to the nearby tourist spots, namely visit Tay An Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Thach An Pagoda, etc. After visting religious destinations, you might definitely stroll along the streets of night market such as Chau Thi Te, Kha Thi Lang to savor local dishes  and buy souvenirs.

Day 2:

6 :15 a.m: Finishing check- out process, going to Ba Chua Bau Muong Temple (in Nha Bang Town, Tinh Bien, An Giang). After 30 minutes of traveling along the route Tan Sua Kieu Luong – National Highway 91 crossing Tra Su bridge, you approach the gate of the temple, then,  turn left  and go straight ahead to reach the destination.

Having been existing for 100 years, recognized a historical place, Ba Chua Bau Muop Temple is popular with both tourists within and outside the region.  Spreading over an area of  17,000 square meters, the temple is divided into main hall worshipping Goddess Tien Nuong, the martyr commemorating the heroes of Nha Bang Town, and Sen Lake.

The Lotus Lake features a bridge at the middle, a penjing and alter which worshipping  Quan Yin Bodhisattva. These things create the harmonious combination, bringing about the peace for the whole pagoda.

7 : 45 – 8 :15 a.m: Moving to Ba He Pagoda on Tan Loi Street (also known as DT948). The gate of the pagoda is in front of the road, near Cam Mountain cable cars, so you might definitely access it.

Both Ba He Pagoda or Thien Hau Thanh Cung Pagoda feature distinguishing Chinese architecture.

9 :10 – 10 a.m: Going back to Chau Doc market.

There are various stalls to offer local specialties such as fish paste, Thai tamarind, especially jaggery and products made from it such as jaggery suger, jaggery juice, and jaggery rice.

11 – 12 a.m: Returning Long Xuyen city to enjoy hot pot for lunch at Cay Dua restaurant (95/4 Tran Hung Dao, My Xuyen, Long Xuyen, An Giang). This restaurant is quite famous that receive a lot of compliments of both locals and tourists. 

13 :30 p.m: On the way back to Saigon, you can buy some specialties of Dong Thap at Ut Thang Stop.

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