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Visiting  Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, you definitely have a chance to greet the charming sunrise and enjoy tasteful local specialities.

The exhilarating Binh Ba Island has attracted tourists with the pristine beach of blue water stretching over the area of 3 square kilometers. Additionally, the friendliness and hospitability of the local residents and fresh seafood at reasonable prices are worth mentioning.

The number of households in this charming island is approximately a thousand. In addition to 2 traditional livelihoods, namely aquaculture, and fish catching, the locals also earn their living by tourism business.

You can travel around the island by motorbikes and electric cars which cost 5$/turn and 10$/turn (for up to 10 people) per day respectively. We decided to hire a motorbike in 2 days and 1 night to explore this amazing Island. Thanks to this vehicle, we could actively greet the sunset and sunrise, enjoy best local dishes, and even visit any corner we’d love to. We had chances to see the “going” of the daily life of the locals which is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Noticeably, you can lean your motorbike on anywhere without worrying about its steal. It’s amazing, right?

There is a variety of guesthouses, homestays, and hotels in Binh Ba, so you can choose a suitable type to you based on your needs and financial capacity. The price of a room/day fluctuates from 2,5$ to 20$ depending on its quality. In peak season, you should book a room in advance to ensure that your room is available right when you enter the hotel. Or, you might directly meet the landlord to hire rooms. Featured with charming “untouched” beaches, and friendliness and simpleness of the local residents, tourists definitely have a “crush” on this Island right when they get there.

Binh Ba Island is one of the amazing destinations in Vietnam which has the earliest sunrise. To fully enjoy that moment, you should wake up early, about 4 a.m to get to Chuong beach. Moreover, if you wish to hold a panoramic view of this beach, you might climb to the peak of the mountain.

The sun gradually rises over the beach, then colors a corner of the sky brilliantly red which feature the immense blue sky and the pristine blue water. It must be an “alluring” scene that promises to touch your heart.

Featured by a charming beach, however, Chuong beach is not naturally favored a “marvelous” home to coral as that of Nha Cu. The beach highly impresses its tourists by the peaceful and poetic scenery of nature and rustic daily life of the locals instead. The images of boats floating off the shore and berthing at dawn are naturally engraved on our mind. Thus, this beautiful beach is an ideal destination for couples and young tourists who are “craving” for indulging themselves into peaceful nature as well as taking “virtual” check-in pictures.

Nom Beach

Nom beach is surrounded by two mountains that make it calm all year round. However, this prevents tourists from greeting the dawn in the early morning. As a reward for this disadvantage, Nom owns the soft white beach, so it is crowded with tourists and local people at about 4 p.m.

The sea offers numerous of services at reasonable prices, namely motorbike and banana boat ride. There a wide range of seafood restaurants along the beach, too. Therefore, after swimming or strolling, you are able to enjoy local specialties such as lobsters, or even series of snail dishes.

The first funny activity in the evening worth experiencing is to catch “Cong” (a kind of crab). There are many Congs around the beach when human are absent. Therefore, you can bring a flashlight with you to chase them. Then, if you are lucky, you might taste fragrant fried meat of Cong. Moreover, you might ask the owner of the basket boat for catching up shrimps and squids with them. This amazing exploring activity is offered by some travel agencies, so you are easy to experience it, or even you directly persuade the local to be a new member on their boat. 

Compared to the other beaches on Binh Ba Island, Nha Cu owns the most pristine blue water. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bathe here because of rocks on the beach. However, it is the territory of a huge range of colorful corals.To observe and explore their alluring beauty, you just need to sit on the nearby basket boats of the fishermen instead of diving into the seabed. Interestingly, if you are lucky, you might catch some starfishes of weird shapes.

When renting boats you can also tell the fisherman to take you to lobster ponds where you will be introduced the whole process of raising lobsters. In particular, these ponds enable you to buy fresh seafood at discount for family and friends.

Additionally, if you want to challenge your yourself, you might engage in adventurous activities, namely motorbike and banana boat ride priced at 5$/turn.

In the late afternoon, you can drop by the street food restaurants to enjoy various tasted snacks such as, Banh Trang Mam Ruoc (sesame- studded rice cracker), Nem Cuon (spring rolls), Banh Canh (thick noodle soup) accompanied by squids, shrimps, and shrimp paste, etc priced from 3,000 to 20,000 VND / portion.

After sauntering along the beach for a whole day, you can’s stand “swallowing” saliva when seeing the owners making Banh Trang Mam Ruoc. It is a kind of sesame-studded rice cracker filled with fermented pork, pickled carrots and radishes and green onion, served with a sweet tangy sauce. To make the rice cracker crispy and fragrant, is rolled and crispied up on the tiny charcoal-burning barbecue and. I’m sure that this amazing dish will satisfy your appetite for food.

In the morning, if you want to full stomach with a tasted dish at a reasonable price, give “Banh Canh Tom Muc” a go. It definitely makes you full of energy for the whole day.

One of the “must-try” dishes that the local residents on Dinh Ba Island suggest is the lobsters, a tasteful specialty. You might treat yourself a big feast with this wonderful dish because of  the affordable price. The sea here is suitable for raising high-quality lobsters compared with other places. It’s wonderfully “cool” to choose the lobsters by yourself and enjoy them right on the beach featured by the melodious waves, pleasant breezes, a bright moon, and the chasing of “Cong” (kind of sea craft living on the sand). Time flied so fast that our 2-day and 1-night journey to Dinh Ba Island ended when we were still deeply in love with this amazing attraction. So, we returned Hanoi with the thinking of coming back at the latest day to greet the beautiful dawn, and more importantly, indulge ourselves into peaceful immense nature.

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