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The holy Buddhist sanctuary of Bagan is a well-known historical site in the Mandalay region of central Myanmar. This is an ancient city with thousands of pagodas and temples, unique monuments are preserved on the area of tens of km2. Anyone traveling to Myanmar to Bagan can not ignore some visiting to the ancient monuments left here.

1. Sulamani Temple

Sulamani Temple is located between the empty fields, far from the main road, built by King Sithu II in 1183, where some mural simple paintings, but unfortunately the restoration has deleted many of the ancient features of the temple. Sulamani is the only temple in Bagan with two rows of house along the entrance offering souvenirs, mostly sand pictures and wooden carvings.

Like the Ananda Temple, Sulamani Temple has four sides that look out in four directions, connected by wide corridors. There is shrine to worship Buddha each side, along the corridors there are niches and each niche is a small Buddha shrine.

2. Shwesandaw Temple

Shwesandaw Shrine looks like an Egyptian pyramid, with four sides, five floors and a stupa (bell tower) on the top. Legend has it that the temple was built by King Anawrahta in 1057 to house the relics as one of the eight Sakyamuni hairs that were brought back from India. The special feature of the Shwesandaw Shrine is four brick stairs on four sides, each with five floors. In order for visitors and pilgrims to climb on the balconies above, a rigid tube of steel tubes has been installed to the right of the stairs so that visitors can easily climb up because of the steep and narrow stairs.

 3. Ananda Temple

Ananda is a well-known, long-standing temple built in the former capital of Bagan, Myanmar. Although it has existed in a long historical process, almost the temple architecture remains intact until today. The temple was designed in the style of stupa. The feature of this architectural style is the temple built of stone with a small chapel inside. The architecture of the cross, in the center is a cube with a Buddha statue at each side is very impressive to visitors from the first sight. Ananda Temple is considered by Myanmar people as the symbol of the boundless wisdom of the Buddha. With such special significance and impressive architecture, today Ananda Temple is considered as an indispensable destination of any visitors to Myanmar.

4. Dhammayangyi Temple

Not far from the Shwesandaw Temple is the Dhammayangyi Temple, with gates and brick walls surrounded although many sections are ruined. Dhammayangyi is the largest temple in the Bagan complex. It is reported that six million bricks were used to build the temple. Unlike other temples, Dhammayangyi does not have a spire at the center of the tower hanging from a wind chime like the temples of Myanmar. Due to the mysterious history of this temple that local residents often call this a "ghost temple". There are many bats and crows living inside, their waste in the temple causes unpleasant smell in the temple.

5. Thatbyinnyu Temple

 Built in the mid-12th century, Thatbyinnyu Temple is considered to be the tallest temple in Bagan. The outside of the massive whitewashed Thatbyinnyu temple looks like a Renaissance Christian monastery in Europe. Within the Thatbyinnyu Temple there are long corridors, where altars with Buddha images are arranged in different posture and shape, but all are glistening gold. It is said that, Thatbyinnyu Temple is a fresco treasure of Burmese Buddhist art, but during the renovations, white lime was scorched on the wall, losing precious paintings.

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