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As the first cultural center of Java, Yogyakarta (Jogja) is home to thousands of mystical temples that appeal to visitors both at home and abroad.

With a one-day stay in Jogja, you can send your luggage at the Adipura Transport counter in the Adisutjipto International Airport, then use the public transport to explore the Jogja heritage.

The buses in Jogja are different from other countries in Southeast Asia. The car only has two rows of seats facing each other and never full of guests even at peak hours. The bus has a door up and down, about one meter above the road surface. So if you want to go up, you have to step out from the bus station, but can not stand on the road.

Moving by this means, you will save a lot, because each trip costs only 3,000 Rupiah (about 0.3 USD). There are even stations connected twice without paying extra.

Jogja has two populations of temple that are famous for its unique architectural and cultural significance, Prambanan and Borobudur.

Prambanan temple complex

You take a bus from Adisutjipto Airport to admire the Prambanan ruins - a population of Hindu temples. Before going to visit the temple, you will be loaned sarong printed the temple pattern to wrap. Ticket price 171,000 Rupiah (17 USD), if you have the international student card, it will be reduced in half.

The Prambanan temple complex is composed of typical spire towers in Hindu architecture. The three supreme gods of Hinduism are worshiped in the temple complex, including the Brahma Creation God, the Vishnu Protector and the Shiva Destroyer.

According to the document, the Prambanan population was built in 850 under the reign of Medang. The first temple in the Prambanan population worshiped Shiva in an attempt to prove that the Sanjaya had renounced Buddhism to Hinduism. Although the 2006 earthquake has destroyed many temples, Prambanan populations are still standing with horns and pointed mosses.

Borobudur Temple

The next big attraction is Borobudur, which is dubbed the "charming temples", about 42 km from central Yogyakarta.

How to get from Prambanan to Borobudur: Take a bus from Prambanan to Jombor Station for 3,000 Rupiah (0.3 USD), then from here to Mengui Station (near Borobudur) for 15,000 Rupiah (1.5 USD). Finally, from Mengui to Borobudur, 2,500 Rupiah (0.2 USD). Every bus to Borobudur has a hanging "Jogja - Borobudur" board for you to easily identify. Tickets to visit the temple is 190,000 Rupiah (19 USD).

Along with Prambanan, Borobudur populations have demonstrated the golden past of Buddhism and Hinduism in Indonesia. Borobudur Temple was built in about 75 years, from the 8th to 9th centuries, under the reign of the religious Syailendra. The temple is located on the hilltop between the plains, behind a mountain range, making the temple stand out.

Borobudur temple complex consists of many small towers surrounding a 42m high tower with 12 storeys. To reach the top of the highest tower, you must climb the stairs and walk through the corridors of the 12 storey tower with a total length of 5 km.

Each floor has elaborate carved reliefs depicting the life of the Buddha and the world. The carvings run along the corridor, depicting the stages of human life when it comes to perfection. Borobudur retains the majestic and ancient character of a Buddhist community and is one of the most famous landscapes in Asia.

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