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The charming small town of Pai, the tranquil city of Chiang Mai or the stunning Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai,... are all definitely “worthy-visiting” destination during your trip to Thailand.
Perhaps, Bangkok and neighboring provinces are becoming less attractive to tourists from Vietnam. Therefore, many of them travel the north of the country to explore more stunning landscape, understand more local traditions and cultures, and even enjoy new local specialties. Of course, there is no shortage of tourist attractions that you might visit, but for the reason of the most amazing ones, I would recommend following 10 destinations. They are all constructive suggestions because of comfortable transportation and affordable spending. 

Doi Inthanon National Park

As we all know, Thailand has long been famous for tropical climate and beautiful beaches, but 
Doi Inthanon National Park is significantly different from other regions. Housed near the tallest mountain in Thailand, the park is at high altitude and even has snow. Visiting the park, you should definitely admire and explore the majestic landscapes, namely Mae Klang, Mae Ya and Sirithan waterfalls. Additionally, you can follow Ang Ka trail to climb up the mountain if you are engrossed with adventuring experience and nature exploration at the same time. And before leaving, you might make a visit to the traditional market of the Hmong group for shopping.


As long been known as a famous tourist destination for pack backers, Pai is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who are engaged in mountain climbing or camping. Additionally, you can see the elephants and bathe them in the Pai River, go swimming in the hot spring or relax in the open-door bars in Raddamrong. If you are interested in history, you should definitely make a visit the war memorial bridge.

Mae Sai

Located at the northernmost of Thailand, the small Mae Sai town has been a famous destination to both local and foreign tourists to Myanmar. Additionally, tourists definitely drop by other attractive tourist spots such as the sacred Wat Phra That Wai Dao temple, the giant scorpion statue. If you are a big fan of souvenirs, you should definitely visit Mae Sai to find unique handicrafts such as jewelry or clogs.


In the 13th century, Sukhoothai served as the capital of Thailand. Although the city is not as large as it in the past, it has made its name with historical sites. Visiting Sukhothai Historical Park, you definitely grasp an overview of the daily life in Sukhothai 800 years ago. The park is separated into areas where you have to buy entrance tickets for each area for visiting. Significantly, the park is the custodian and curator of the huge statue of the Buddhas, temples, works of art, etc.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the hottest spots on Thailand’s tourism map to tourists from Vietnam. Distinctly located in the northern region, surrounded by majestic hills and mountains, the weather in Chiang Mai is significantly cooler than that in other parts of the country. This environmentally friendly city is home to the temple complexes whose number is up to 300 temples. Moreover, it is also the habitat of elephants. The most famous tourist attraction in the city must be Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and Wat Phra Singh, which feature masterpieces of the murals. Additionally, Wat Chedi Luang, an art architecture of a 15th century, is definitely worth mentioning. Last but not least, you might drop by bustling night markets and weekend markets to find unique souvenirs and enjoy tasteful local dishes at the same time.

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