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Dolphin Island, Adventure Cove Water Park and Natural History Museum are all destinations that many families with children choose this summer.

Dolphin Island

Just watch the fun performance of dolphins have become old, because when you come to Dolphin Island, you also hand strokes and exchanges with this lovely marine life. You can even shake hands, feed them and take pictures with the dolphins. This helps tourists better understand the marine life and the dolphins themselves. Trainers also share knowledge about dolphins, their habitats, their diets, and live activities for visitors.

There are 8 programs for guests to choose from, including Breakfast with Dolphins, Dolphin Touch, Swim with Dolphins, Dive with Dolphins ... Experienced prices depend on the programs you take. Family, ranging from 48 SGD (32 USD) per person.

Adventure Cove Water Park

This is the top modern and fun park in lion island nation. The water park features a sliding tube system consisting of the first 6 special hydraulic rings in Southeast Asia. The slider will push the player directly through the sloping up and down, even the crab legs to give a sense of excitement.

In addition, you can relax in the Bluewater Bay pool with artificial waves along with a lazy river about 620 m long meandering around tropical forests and caves. If you want to feel more about life in the sea, you can register to participate in diving, watching 20,000 species of fish and colorful corals.

Lee Kong Chian 

Lee Kong Chian is the first natural history museum in Singapore with more than one million specimens. Inside the museum is divided into several zones, showing the history of the development of the earth's organisms including plants, molluscs, reptiles, mammals and fish. Dino is the most prominent display area with dinosaur fossils.

The unique point of the museum is that there are no windows. Architect Wei Mok said that this is essential in protecting the specimens inside the museum. He designed the museum inspired by a monolithic block, without a window, and referred to his design as "the symbolism of a natural rock."

Wings of time

This is a water music show that is staged and performed by international experts. With the Sentosa coastal venue, the program combines water shows, laser beams, 3D shows, water tap, fire effects, and music. As a result, the program has quickly become a popular nightlife destination for both Singaporeans and tourists.

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