5 Things to Buy After Travelling in Cambodia Brian Vu Sunday, August 6, 2017 No Comment

Silk, palm sugar,Krama scarf, silver jewellery,  ... are items thattravellers should not bypass when travelling to Cambodia.

1. Silk

In Cambodia, the majority of silk products are still made by traditional method. Visitors can choose some souvenirs made of silk, for example scarves, head scarves, silk fabric, ... To buy quality gifts, you should have  look at KohDach island - which is known as the land of silk products, about 15km from Phnom Penh.

This is where you can visit and see firsthand how to make silk products as well as choose some silk souvenirs with unique motifs.

2. Krama scarf

Krama is specific scarf of Cambodia, woven from soft cotton, which helps absorb sweat and is an indispensable accessory of young backpackers. Besides using Krama as a covering, Cambodians also use it for many other things: carrying a baby, bringing anything, table clothing, lining chairs, decorating ... Common price is about 1 USD for one but it could be cheaper if you buy more than that.

3. Small carvings 

The beautiful small carvings in Cambodia that you can buy for friends include carvings on stone, wood, bronze, and even silver with the imageslike the Buddha, Apsara, famous places ... These are interior decorations favourite by many people. Inanimate rocks and wooden blocks seem to be extraordinarily soulful under the hands of artisans in Cambodia .

4. Silver Jewellery

Besides the souvenirs listed above, you can also buy products made from silver. In Cambodia, silver products have been widely used in religious ceremonies since 11th century.

With the development of tourism, in Phnom Penh and SiemRiep, specialized stores selling the products made from silver such as bracelets, necklaces, ...have mushroomed more and more, and visitors can choose lots of unique jewelleries as a gift for their loved ones.

5. Jaggery (palm sugar)

Palmyra is a specific tree that growswidely in Cambodia. Jaggery – a kind of surgar made from palm tree tastes sweet and it’s delicious for cooking. That is why many people choose to buy jaggery as a gift when traveling in Cambodia. In particular, when you buy jaggery here you will discover the truth that it never stiff enough to condense into blocks. Therefore, high quality and delicious jaggery is in liquid form, viscid and deep yellowlike a good types of honey.

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