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The majestic borderline on the edge of the cliffs, the sea of clouds suddenly under the feet, the rapids and cool streams... all these are in Binh Lieu. Binh Lieu is a highland border district of Quang Ninh, more than 100 km northeast of Ha Long City. Dubbed "Sa Pa of Quang Ninh", "Sa Pa of the Northeast", this destination is becoming more and more known in the relocation community. Binh Lieu makes people feel attracted because it owns nearly 40 km border with beautiful borderline, it can be the most beautiful in the Northeast.

The borderline along the border crossing the high mountains, surrounded by acacia forest, jungle, cinnamon fragrant, under the valley is the village. Long time ago in the winter, snow fell on this road. The majestic mountainside frontage and the long stretch of road make it easy for travelers to get attracted. This is also a "paradise" border markers, from the 1300 mark at the intersection of Lang Son, Quang Ninh with Guangxi (China) to milestone 1327. Many landmarks in particular, each visit the landmark Is a private trip. You should not miss the most beautiful 1300 milestone in the white wipe season, which is famous for its rather difficult trekking trail, considered the "dinosaur backbone" of the North East.

Just like the " dinosaur backbone " Ta Xua of the Northwest, the trail drawn on top of the mountain winding up as infinite, after passing through pine forest, forest architecture, requires strength and determination. In return, the beauty of the wild flowers, mountains and forests with the pride of touching the landmark will make your journey unforgettable.

Binh Lieu owns more than 1,000 m high mountains, Cao Ba Lanh with legendary rock like bell ring, or top Cao Xiem - "rooftop" of Quang Ninh. Cao Xiem has a long wall of stone compared to the "Great Wall of China" and the inox marking 1,429 m elevation attracts many young people trekking.

Streams, waterfalls are also one of the specialties here. Khe Van Waterfall with three cascades of waterfall, Suc Cau Waterfall, Mooc River, Khe Tien River and many small beautiful and unspoiled waterfalls, bring many beautiful stories. This is the habitat of the Dao, San Chi, Tay, ... Binh Lieu has many beautiful terraced fields, yellow dyed each season, which makes it unique, though not spectacular as the Northwest.

This place is developing many homestay of compatriots. However, if you want to experience the wilderness, you can also choose to camp. The Cao Xiem Mountain area of Cao Ly is quite suitable for a memorable camp, where the "white goats huddle around the hill". Cao Ly is also a hunting spot for "rustic" territory. If lucky you can also meet the sea of clouds here on beautiful days.

However, the border areas is quite desolate and hence you should pay attention, select locations and have contact with local people.

Do not forget to visit Dong Van highland market in Dong Van Commune, where Dao people, San Chi busy exchanging products, watching the unique costume with peacock pattern.

Northeastern Forest dishes here are noodles, grilled fish ... Especially, there are famous stir fried pho noodles and rice noodles, cinnamon oils…

The appropriate time to explore Binh Lieu is spring, summer season (March), rainy season (September), the season of white flowers (December). The route from Hanoi to Binh Lieu via Highway 18 and 18C is about 260 km.

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