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I dreamed of a trip to a place where there was a blue jade beach, the bridges extended to the sea. And so happy, it became a reality.

After nearly an hour of high-speed boat, my group and I were on the beautiful Koh Rong Island. From the pier to the hotel, I was not surprised and amused by the clear blue water.

Water is so clear that I could see the bottom. We came to the island is also late afternoon, take a walk around a round. Along the coast of the island has a large row of large folding chairs for guests to lie. Free rest. You can enjoy the relaxing moment with your back here.

I went back to the hotel to take a rest and have dinner with everyone in the delegation. Coco Beach Resort is selected by the delegation, with many rates such as dorm 300,000 VND (14 USD)/ room, room 2 800,000 VND (110 USD)/ room, room for 4 people is 1.2 million VND (48 USD) / room ...

We prepared our own dinner. Everyone was happy and excited about an unforgettable experience. Many people in Koh Rong - Cambodia know English, or Western-style shops open the service. You can easily communicate with basic English, or use gestures to express.
If Koh Rong Samloem Island has a peaceful peaceful environment suitable for relaxation, you will feel a different feeling when coming to Koh Rong Island. The night is very busy here. The bar, restaurant grows along the beach with vibrant music. Come to Koh Rong, remember not to sleep early, but take the time to go to the beach, drink your own Angkorian beer and enjoy yourself in the vibrant, fun, different music.

The majority of tourists are Westerners, most of them Westerners, costing between $ 2 and $ 5 each. In the morning, there are fried rice, baguette, local noodles ... BBQ dinner is $ 5 (bread with pork or grilled chicken, seafood). Beer costs 1-2 USD, cocktail is from 2 USD, kebab is 3 USD.Here you should try Angkor style of Cambodia. And if you want to try Khmer, you can choose one in the menu. You and you have to try beef rice and chicken rice with vegetables, cooked with very fine cashew nuts, the price range is about $ 2-5 for a normal meal.

Dawn turns magical form. I should have gotten up early to see the sunrise on the island.After breakfast, we continue to visit the island.Beautiful morning on the island so pleasant.I go around the sea.For sea, I caught the swing Caught on the tree. Bring the book, sit here and then it is nothing more beautiful. Koh Rong has a beautiful beach, white sand and smooth, combined with cool blue water makes it easy to make people feel like a fairytale. 

Rarely have I seen so many piers. Probably due to the nature of the sea here is very shallow, to anchor the boat, the wharf is stretched far away from the mainland. Whether on or under the bridge, where is also where to photograph her live.

There are also many exciting games such as snorkeling (snorkeling, snorkeling, fishing, jumping, sunset, BBQ, fruit, fish, glowing fish), zipline ($ 25 USD season low, $ 35 high season, unlimited play), trekking through the forest, kayaking ($ 8 a day, $ 12 a day). You can paddle to the nearby small island 45 minutes, on the island there is a small temple on the top, this is the most beautiful place to snorkeling.

Some note to Koh Rong - Cambodia

Money: Cambodians spend riel (read Ria), 1 riel = 5.36 VND, or can spend US dollars (4000 riel = 1 USD).

Passport must be valid for more than 6 months.

From Sihanoukville buy a train ticket to Koh Rong Island: Round trip fare is US $ 20 round trip and return (remember your return trip at the ticket counter right at the pier).

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