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1. Taking photos at Vung Tau Marina

Vung Tau Marina is situated at the end of Road No. 1, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City. Ideally located on Dinh River, the front surrounded by two islands namely Long Son and Go Gang, Vung Tau Marina is the first of its kind in Vung Tau that serves as the dock of canoe, yachts, boat, etc. Moreover, it is built for the purpose of working as the passenger station of many routes on the rivers and bays of Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau. 

2. Camping at Tu Phuong That Dao eco – tourism site

Located in Phuoc Huu hamlet, Long Phuoc commune, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, 8 kilometers from the center of Ba Ria, Tu Phuong That Dao eco-tourism site has long been familiar with those who are engrossed with nature admiration and exploration. This eco - tourism destination captures the attention of both locals and tourists by “green” space, fresh atmosphere, and 7 artificial islands spreading over a tract of the land at the shape of a trapezoid. Significantly, 3 sides of the tract surround the immense rice paddies and the other one is the lush fruit garden, livestock farm, and clean vegetable plantation with a total area of 22,000 square meters.

3. Holding panoramic views of Vung Tau at  Con Heo Hill

Con Heo hill is located at Sau Beach, near the mountain. Originally, the Hill served as a quarry, so it was not popular with even local residents. Over the past few years, however,  Con Heo Hill has become a unique "wild hill" in which young travelers flock to explore and grasp nice check – in pictures.

4. Visiting Long Hai Beach

Lying in Ba Ria Province, 12 kilometers from the city of Vung Tau, Long Hai Beach was naturally favored the charming scenery.  Coming to this amazing beach, you might make a visit to Dinh Co Temple, where you can greet the panorama of Long Hai Beach.

5. Climbing the statue of Christ stretching arms

Located at the peak of Nho Mountain (small mountain), the statue of Christ is the largest statue in Asia at the height of 32 meters. Interestingly, the statue stretches arm heading out to the sea. To reach the statue, tourists must climb up 1000 steps and further 133 spiral stairs. It is a “hard but rewarding” journey because they could definitely greet the panorama of the city from there.  

6. Enjoying fresh seafood at Phuoc Hai fishing village

Traveling 16kilometers on Provincial Road 44, you definitely reach Phuoc Hai, one of the oldest fishing village in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. As you can guess, fishing is the main livelihood of the local residents.  The village has been locally and regionally famous for the fish sauce and dried fish that tourists bought as souvenirs at the end of their journey. Moreover, you have a chance to enjoy fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

7. Savoring oysters in Long Son fishing village

Spreading across an area of 92 square kilometers, of which 54 square kilometers is mainland and the rest is mangrove, Long Son island commune has long been famous for its charming natural beauty. Moreover,  it impresses tourists by the friendliness and hospitability of the locals who has made their living by fishing, farming, and salt producing.  Additionally, the residents afford their living by raising oysters, tourism and seafood processing.

8. Visiting Hon Ba Temple

Heading out to Nghinh Phong Cape, a few hundred meters from the coast, Ba island is a averagely – high rocky massif. Noticeably, the locals built a shrine as the place of worship and pray for the “safe and sound” sea travel. Normally, if tourists want to get there, they have to get on a boat. According to some senior residents, there is a gray stone road leading to Hon Ba Temple at low tide on the 14th - 15th and 1st of the lunar month.

9. Visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse 

Located at the peak of Nho mountain, built and inaugurated in 1862, Vung Tau lighthouse is a round tower of white paint and 18 meters high. Significantly, the light at the top of the tower can shine up to 30 miles away. Standing at the lighthouse, tourists definitely greet the panorama of the whole city immersing in the fog, charming beaches at the shape of the crescent,  and the immense Minh Dam mountain. Moreover, if you look down the foot of the tower, you would probably be mesmerized by the blooming porcelain flowers. How amazing!

10. Visiting “Bach Dinh” (White Palace)

In 1898, Paul Doume, Governor General of French Indochina built White Palace (Villa Blanche) on the ground of Phuoc Thang Fortress that fired on French ships 50 years ago. This residence captures the eyes of tourists by Roman architecture.  Currently, it is preserving 19 cannons.

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