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Vung Tau is a dynamic and romantic coastal city. It is blessed with long coasts and diversified marine life. With the original natural beauty and modernity of a developing city, Vung Tau tourism becomes an attractive destination for tourists.

It is often referred to Hai Phong is a famous port city, but few people know that Ba Ria - Vung Tau province has the most ports in the country (the whole province has 53 large and small seaports including 10 big ports). Cat Lo Port is one of the largest seaports in the coastal city with the fishing logistic function of fishermen. If you have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau tourists once to the port of Cat Lo to feel the aftertaste of life here. No shimmering, beautiful as the Ho Tram, Ho Coc's idyllic seaport along with the pace of fishermen here will bring visitors a new experience.

Introduction of Cat Lo port - location and transportation

Like many other ports, Cat Lo port is the landing of the boats each time from the sea. Cat Lo Port is where fishermen are busy for a bumper fish season. Cat Lo Port is where the children go to their mother, waiting for the father to return to ... The poetic beauty, simplicity of a port as Cat Lo quickly became an attractive rendezvous for those who love exploring Vung Tau tourist destination.

The port is located at the mouth of the Dinh River at Ward 11, Vung Tau City. Cat Lo port on one side overlooking the peaceful Dinh river, on the other side facing the big sea. The port has a large area of about 6.7 hectares with spacious grounds. In addition, Cat Lo Port owns three large wharves for large, small boats.

Port is one of the economic points of Vung Tau city. Not only the berth of ships, Cat Lo port also develops various services such as preliminarily processing, transshipping seafood and storage of petroleum, ice ... Rather diverse with different services but birth Cat Lo port is quite impressive with fresh, green, clean beautiful attractive nature.

Guests can easily reach Cat Lo port by taxi or motorbike. The port is quite central, not too far from the highway so it is very convenient to move. The ideal time to visit Cat Lo port is the dawn or sunset. The lyrical scene of early morning and sunset paintings will surely make visitors feel great.

Interesting experiences at the port of Cat Lo

Feel the peaceful atmosphere of the ocean: Cat Lo Port not only owns a simple but beautiful scenery. Besides the cool climate is also here is a big plus for tourism Cat Lo port.

Guests can feel the wind blowing from the ocean to cool each morning. Zoom out to the sea is immense sea of endless people to remove the anxiety to drop in the vast nature. For tourists who love photography on the island, Cat Lo is an excellent destination with beautiful view.

Feel the aftertaste of daily life: Cat Lo Port is an economic port, serving fishermen's main fishes so the pace of life in the port is quite bustling and fun. Guests will be able to inhale the fresh air here and feel the aftertaste of life in the harbor.

The scene of the busiest ships dock "drawing up" a vivid picture of life. Besides, the port also carved out the lives of fishermen here - busy, noisy but also peaceful to strange. For those who are away from the sea for a long time, a little smell of shrimp, fish smell fish also feel strange skin. Meet the familiar figure of the rustic fisherman also makes people feel close, warm ...

Besides the experience of the life of the port of Cat Lo tourists can experience the boat on the sea. From Cat Lo you can buy a boat ticket to visit Con Dao - a beautiful island that is majestic with historical vestiges. Incorporating the Museum of Vung Tau and Con Dao city visitors will certainly add to their knowledge of rich history.

Cat Lo Port - one of the ports that make up the Dinh River and the Vung Tau City is an interesting tourist destination that visitors can visit and explore. Cat Lo port is not as luxurious, so poetic as other destinations, but the pictures of the train back to the sea, the children waiting for mother, the seafood market here promises to bring exciting experiences.

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