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There are a few places in Hanoi that can bring visitors experience full of fun, to help you feel the full atmosphere of the streets of Hanoi – they are small pretty homestay. Where should you stay in Hanoi? Homestay will be one of the great answers.

Le Bleu Indie

Situated on Tong Dan Street, Le Bleu Indie is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful homestay in Hanoi. Le Bleu India is an apartment in a French-built mansion. With classic French architecture combined with unique decor, Le Bleu Indie evokes an old-fashioned feeling that is very modern.

Le Bleu Indie now has two separate bedrooms. With a few recycled items, Le Bleu India's owner creates a very private, cozy and cozy bedroom. Another characteristic of Le Bleu India is that there is a balcony overlooking Tong Dan Street. Traveling to Hanoi and staying at the Le Bleu Indie homestay, visitors will be able to feel the full air of Hanoi when watching a corner of Hanoi street from the balcony.


Another homestay which is also as small as Le Bleu Indie is Lacaito. Similar to Le Bleu Indie, Lacaito was also renovated and redecorated from a small apartment in the old French villa. Lacaito consists of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a balcony, but impresses as soon as entered by the design style in a beautiful nostalgic atmosphere.

Lacaito uses mainly furniture made from rattan, bamboo and wood material, which is a feeling of simplicity and simplicity. Besides, Lacaito's floor and the kitchen wall are paved with old-fashioned brick tiles creating a unique impression. In addition, Lacaito also has a balcony with a small garden. This will be an ideal place for visitors to sip a cup of coffee in the morning, catch the sun, read a book or have a party at night.

Mei Hideaway

If you are wondering about where to stay in Hanoi, Mei Hideaway is a great suggestion. Mei Hideaway is a pretty homestay located on Truc Bach Street. Although the area is quite narrow, but the space in Mei Hideaway is not a feeling of cramped, uncomfortable but also bring comfort, relaxation and lightness. This is due to the way the design and decoration of Mei Hideaway reached a high harmony, bringing simple, elegant but subtle beauty.

The Mei Hideaway has two bedrooms, a common living room including living room and kitchen. If you intend to stay at Mei Hideaway when traveling to Hanoi, you should contact the reservation early because of the small number of rooms, Mei Hideaway regularly is fully booked.

Satori Homestay

For those who love the romantic, sweet things, especially the female tourists, Satori will be a perfect choice when traveling to Hanoi. Satori is a homestay located on Quang Trung Street. Like most other homestays in Hanoi, Satori is not too large. However, instead, Satori always brings a sense of peace, warmth and comfort.

Satori has all 6 bedrooms and common living space. Each bedroom is about 16m2, decorated in a gentle, elegant style with the color combination between paint water, curtains and impressive mattress. Also common living space includes living room, kitchen and terrace. Guests staying at Satori can cook their own meals in the communal kitchen. Especially around the area of homestay Satori , a lot of delicious specialties of Hanoi are available, so do not forget to find and enjoy these dishes. To find out more about good food Hanoi, visitors can see more article "Where to eat in Hanoi?".

Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom)

Surely tourists are wondering Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) and Le Bleu Indie have a link with each other because the names are quite similar. Yes, Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) is a very famous "brother" of Le Bleu Indie. Born to Le Bleu India, Le Bleu (Nha Trong Xom) quickly resonated as a beautiful homestay in the French villa on Tran Hung Dao. Along the French-style architecture, the Le Bleu space is decorated in a classic European style. The Le Bleu space is larger than the Le Bleu Indie, with many bedrooms, a living room with an old-style fireplace and a small kitchen overlooking the garden.

In addition to these homestays, visitors can also stay at some other nice homestay in Hanoi such as Phori's House (Quang Minh Town, Me Linh District, Hanoi), Au Frais (near West Lake, Hanoi), Tree House (Long Bien district, Hanoi), Hidden (Soc Son pine forest, Hanoi) ... Hope with suggestions on homestay in the article , you will have an idea about the best and most comfortable accommodation for your Hanoi trip.

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