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Mekong is one the most mysterious rivers in the world which attracts attentions of many worldwide articles and scientists. Let's learn some interesting facts about Mekong River.

1. Huge area
Mekong River, of which length up to 4,350 km (the 12th longest river in the world), covers a huge area of 307000 square miles or 795,000 km square, discharges 475km3 of water annually.

2. How many countries does the river flow through?
Mekong River can be seen in 6 countries in the world including China, Myanmar, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It plays an extremely important role to the economic, cultural, historical developments of those countries as well as the life of local people. 

3. The very first person to find Mekong
In 1540, a Portuguese man named Antonio de Faria first discovered the river himself. After that, some expeditions were made by European people but not really successful because their purpose is only to do business. However, the first official discovery trip was by French scientists, when they found some breathtaking waterfalls.

4. Biodiversity
Mekong River owns a rich biodiversity of rare species including some ‘river monsters’ such as giant catfish and stingray. Especially, the Irrawaddy Dolphin, one of the rarest species in the world, only some living in the area of Tonle Sap River.

5. Important route
It has been a long time since this river was found that local people and businessmen from the 6 countries uses Mekong as the one and only route for good-trading. This helps them to easily transfer heavy stuffs or products like raw wood, furniture, electric devices etc. Nowadays, Mekong River still remains its importance, especially for Tourism in Indochina. Indeed, tourist can book Vietnam to Cambodia cruises on Mekong river to easily transfer between the 2 countries.

6. Different names
Although the river is widely well-known for the name Mekong, people from different countries named it differently. Thailand and Laos people call it Mae Nam Khong meaning Mother River, Cambodian People call it Mékongk. Chinese people call it Lancang Jiang meaning Turbulent River while Vietnamese people named it Cuu Long (Nine Dragons).
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7. Mekong River Basin’s Population
There are over 60 million people living in the basin of Mekong River.

8. Mekong River irrigation
Mekong River is considered to be a friend of Indochina farmers. Especially in Vietnam during dry seasons, they have to rely on its plentiful amount of water to irrigate their crops.

9. Floating markets
Floating market is one of the most interesting things when you visit Indochina countries. Some famous markets are in Vietnam called Cai Rang and Cai Be. They are the places for local people to buy and sell local good including fruits, flowers, vegetables, food, animals etc. The ridiculous thing is that only floating means of transport allowed because all the shop are all on single boats. Visiting the markets, you will have a chance to enjoy best tropical fruits in Vietnam with reasonable prices, observe activities of local people and take good photos of bustling trading scene.

If you want to discover deeply these unique floating markets or the life of people in Mekong River, our Mekong river cruises will offer you that opportunity. 

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