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Kon Tum has the majestic and unspoiled beauty that is full of forests, mountains, and streams. Besides, people are also famous for the skillful hands to make delicious food that you can not ignore if having an opportunity to visit. Below, I will introduce 7 main food in Kon Tum that you should try when traveling here. 

1. Mang Den Roasted Pork

Mang Den is a kind of pigs that are raised by local people. Pigs are fed with natural food of the mountains so their meat is very firm and nutritious. The largest adult pig is less than 20 kg. Moreover, Pigs are cleaned of fur and killed for meat. Then, they are seasoned with spices which are from the Mang Den forest. The pork is roasted with charcoal fire until it has ripe skin and its smell is crispy and aroma. This is the first food that I want to recommend to you when coming here.

2. Kon Tum leaf salad

This is a traditional food in Kon Tum. Because the leaf salad has up to from 40 to 50 kinds of leaf, it also makes visitors extremely confused. There are many common leaves such as cabbage, perilla, cluster fig tree, apricot, onion, basil and so on. Besides, it has some leaves appearing in the meal such as mango leaves, guava leaves, sour leaves, palms and many kinds of leaves of the Central Highlands. 

3. Porcupine Meat

The Brau has many dishes made from wild vegetables and wild animals. However, foods from porcupine meat are also famous. It is not only delicious but also rich processing. Porcupine's taste is sweet, and a bit cold but it has a nutritious effect to make many attractive foods. For example, there are some foods from porcupine such as grilled porcupine, stuffed porcupine, porcupine soup cooked with corn powder, porcupine wrapped with phrynium. You can try this food when coming here. 

4. Fish with yellow ants

This food definitely makes many people feel scared. But when you eat this food, you are really into it and want to eat again. Fishes caught from streams have a size like three fingers. After that, they are brought back to clean, mince, and squeeze to remove the fishy smell. About ants, people choose small ants and their eggs to grind. Finally, people add grain salt, green chili, pepper, and fried rice bran to mix fish together with ants. When eating this food, the sweetness of the fish streams and the fat of the young ant, the spiciness of pepper and people create a delicious taste.

5. Xoi Mang (Bamboo Shoots Sticky Rice)

Xoi Mang is just familiar sticky rice combining skillfully with forest bamboo shoots. But, it has become a familiar breakfast with people in Kon Tum. Xoi mang has a charming color with a little fresh gold of bamboo shoots. Moreover, Bamboo shoots sticky rice to attract people with special aroma and delicious taste. Do not hesitate to try this food when setting foot on this land. 

6. Sour fish

If you have a chance to visit Kon Tum once, do not miss the chance to enjoy the specialties of Je Trieng ethnic people. The recipe is quite easy but it requires the skill of people. Fish for making this dish is also special. I do not know how it is called in English. In Vietnam, people call it as "Ca Nieng". The longer the fishes are maintained, the more delicious the fishes have because the spices are deep in the fish meat. When trying this food, visitors can feel the salty taste of salt, the spicy of chilies, the sweet taste of La Bep, the aroma of corn. 

7. ( Ruou Vang Ngot) Sweet Wines with Mang Den downy rose myrtle Bamboo Shoot

The geographical location of the Kon Tum mountain region and the cool climate has produced fresh downy rose myrtles. The raw material used for the production of Kon Tum special wine is the wild downy rose myrtles. They are naturally grown in the highlands of Mang Den village in Kon Tum province. From this precious resource combined with the modern technology production of Bordeaux (France). All make Ruou Vang Ngot have both the natural taste of the mountains and the luxurious taste of West Wine. If you are really into wine, this is a recommenddation for you. 


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