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Lam Dong province is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is famous for many beautiful sites especially Da Lat which is the capital of Lam Dong. The journey to Lam Dong will be a memorable experience to tourists. 

Van Thanh Flower Village

Van Thanh Flower Village
Referring to Da Lat, people often think of a city of love, dreams and especially the "City of Flowers". With its high terrain, the climate is cool all year round, which is suitable for the living conditions of the flowers. Therefore, this place is considered as the "cradle" to supply flowers to the country and can not forget the largest flower village in the city - Van Thanh Flower Village.

Van Thanh Flower Village is considered the largest flower village in Dalat, about 3 km west of the center of the city. Although formed and developed after the two villages of Thai Phien and Ha Dong, Van Thanh flower village still rose to become the most famous flower village in Dalat and has its own distinctive features.

Come to Van Thanh Flower Village, tourists will be fascinated by the beautiful view of the rose garden, carnations, sandy wall, lily, money flower, etc are carefully taken care of in the greenhouses quite solidly with modern irrigation technology. Particularly, roses also have many varieties imported from Europe, which are transplanted on the wild roses to create many different types and colors such as pink lotus blossom, red roses and so on.

Visitors are also attracted by the friendliness and hospitability of the local people. After welcoming greetings, they are ready to invite you to the flower garden, take pictures or experience the cultivation of flowers.

Lang Biang Mount

Lang Biang Mount
Langbiang Da Lat is 2,167m above sea level, located in Lac Duong town, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, 12km from Dalat city center. From the foot of the mountain you can walk, or by Uongat travel company LangBiang to find the summit of Rada, and enjoy the beauty that nature has gifted the legendary Lam Vien. Standing on top of the mountain to the west will bring visitors to Suoi Vang tourist resort with bent streams, in the light sunshine of the afternoon will wiggle up the carpet of beautiful yellow silk. Especially in the cloudless days, from this peak visitors will see the glimpse of the Ninh Chu Sea in Ninh Thuan. 

Above all, from the top of the mountain, visitors will see a wide valley, which is the venue for the 100th-anniversary celebration of Da Lat. Mark that event, local people have been called "Valley of Five hundred years". It is very suitable for visitors overnight, under the flickering fire watching the night sky and enjoy the gong culture of the K'Ho residents.

Stopping at the summit of LangBiang mountain is not only exploring the nature, but visitors are also involved in exploring the indigenous culture of people here, in the exchange programs campfire, drinking wine with ethnic compatriots, listen to them tell stories and culture of their residents. It is the story of "love story" between K'lang and H'biang, who have come to the death to protest the strict law and come to unify the Chill, SreK'ho people.

Valley d’Amour (the valley of Love)

Valley d’Amour
The Valley of Love is perhaps the best place to witness the dream of Da Lat, where couples traveling together have to visit once, walk around the valley and feel the charming country here.
The valley of Love is a lyrical and poetic landscape in the most Dalat. In the past, visitors from Fifth U. of Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street came to this place. Visitors can go from Xuan Huong Lake to Love Valley by Lam Vien bypass, a new road.

Visitors can follow the trails or climbed hundreds of levels, passing through the lower gate with brilliant colors to the Vong Cau Hill. From here the Valley of Love appears in beautiful sight like a picture, lively with the sails on the lake. Red-curved red dirt roads can take you up the hill or lead you to Langbian Mountain in the clouds.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall
The Prenn Waterfall is located right next to National Highway 20, at the foot of Prenn Pass, near the gateway to Dalat City, 10km south of Da Lat city center.

To come to the waterfall, visitors have to pass a stream with a beautiful bridge. From the height of 30m, the glass of sparkling water let go down the lake to form beautiful natural water. The sound of water dropping, the sound of the winds charging each frankly thin branches create a vibrant sound as the joyful music of spring to welcome visitors. You can go along the path leading to the zoo, orchid garden or drop off the park admire the blooming flowers, the beautiful huts on the tree or swing with the suspension bridge over small streams. On the other hand, Thai Duong rock garden with an impromptu arrangement created an unexpected surprise. Especially with the cable car system, visitors can cross the waterfall in the feeling of adventure, as if they are going into the realm of heaven.

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