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As a province nearing the extreme north of Vietnam, Lang Son attracts tourists with beautiful natural sceneries. If you have the opportunity to visit Lang Son - the mountainous provinces with majestic mountains and spectacular passes. In addition to the famous specialties, visitors do not forget to enjoy the typical snacks of this land below.

1. Lang Son roasted duck

Lang Son roasted duck
Coming to Lang land, tourists should not miss the famous roasted duck with delicious special taste cannot be enjoyed in other places. In particular, when eating roasted duck, local people never use fish sauce or soy sauce because people here have a sauce made by themselves. It is the sauce from the belly duck that was processed together with a few esoteric methods. Duck is cut into pieces and its taste is delicious, sweet and a bit salty and slightly spicy and bitter because people add a little ginger. 

2. Mau Son Peach

Mau Son Peach
Mau Son Peach is green-white and the outside shell is the soft, fluffy, big and sweet crust. So, it has long been famous everywhere. The natural aroma and sweet taste of fresh peach attract many tourists every year to the Mau Son to enjoy. Besides, Mau Son is the place where the red peach blossoms spread in the spring and the peaches ripe in the summer. Anyways, you might eat it once as an experience when traveling in Vietnam.

3. Ap Chao Cake

Ap Chao Cake
Lang Son calls the last months of the year from November to February every year is the season of Ap Chao Cake because, at this time, the aroma of Ap Chao cake spreads everywhere. This is a type of cake with a shell made from glutinous rice and fragrant rice like crispy fried rice. Next, the hidden inside the core of the famous cake is Chao duck of Lang Son. When walking on the streets of Lang land, you will easily catch this rustic food. In the cool breeze of the highlands, if you are gathered around your friends, enjoyed Mau Son wine, and siped the taste of Ap Chao Cake, it is definitely a memorable experience. 

4. Pho Chua

Pho Chua
This Lang Son specialty includes noodles, fried sweet potatoes, pig liver, chicken, onions, roasted peanuts, cucumber, and sausage. The water is also known as broth has the taste of duck fat that is fragrant because the meat was marinated before roasting. When you eat this food, remember to mix enough water in order that the ingredients are not crushed, but the spices are still absorbed. The best time to enjoy it is in the fall and summer. 

5, Cao Sang cake

Cao Sang cake
The main ingredient for making high-fat bread is rice, minced pork and fried onions. After the powder and core are done, people will be poured into the mold, thinly sliced and steamed to ripen. When the cake is nearly ripe, they pour meat cooked with coconut milk to make the food aroma and mixed with the smell of onions. Finally, Lang Son people use a sharp knife and cut the cake into rectangles in the size of a matchbox and sprinkle some more lightly peanuts. Come to Lang, do not forget to enjoy it.

6, Huu Lung Nem Nuong ( grilled fermented pork roll)

Huu Lung Nem Nuong
Nem Huu Lung is a delicacy Lang Son made from raw meat after fermentation for 2 to 3 days. It is based on the charcoal kitchen in the banana leaves. This food is eaten with Dinh Lang leaves with sweet and sour sauce to make it unique in Lang Son. In the cold days, sipping Nem Nuong with Mau Son wine is extremely interesting. 

7. Roasted Pork

Roasted Pork
This is known as the specialty of Lang Son. After roasting pork, people chopped into small pieces and put on the plate. The sauce used with this dish is Mac Mat, salt, seasoning or fish sauce with chili paste. The uniqueness of this dish is the flavor of Mac Mat leaves of the honey. This is a plant for fragrant leaves and fruit. Because of the strange flavor, it is often used in the dishes of the Nung, Tay ethnic of Vietnam. You can buy this food on the market to enjoy right in Lang Son or gift for relatives, friends.

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